Primo Free Flow Shorts Review – A New Style of Thai Short

Primo Free Flow Muay Thai Shorts Review

Primo Free Flow Shorts Review

When it comes to Muay Thai and boxing, everyone thinks about buying boxing gloves and a mouth guard. Of course, such things are vital but it’s just as important to be wearing the right togs. You don’t want to be turning up to the gym in your dodgy cargo shorts. Not only will you look out of place, but the wrong style of shorts can actually hamper your training experience.

Muay Thai formally became the sport we know and love at the turn of the last century. When that happened, they took Western boxing attire and gave it a Thai twist. Usually with “Muay Thai”, the fighter’s or gym name, in Thai script, written across the front of the shorts.

Primo Fight Wear are the relatively new kids on the block. They’re a welcome addition to the market, gracing us with some luxurious Muay Thai attire. Primo takes the traditional Muay Thai design and elevates it with their own modern twist. Read on to find out all about Primo Free Flow Muay Thai Shorts.

Top Tier Construction:

Primo uses premium materials for all of their fight gear. The fabric selected for their Free Flow shorts is no exception.   These feature the finest satin with nylon side panels and a slightly weighted, edged lining which makes them hang really well. They utilise 6 robust elastic waistbands so they will be very secure around the waist. Theres also a drawstring waist band you can fasten to make absolutely sure these stay put  during training and fights.

The embroidered patched logos which are feature throughout the garment are so finely stitched. This style is a stark contrast to the heavier, bold style embroidery typically coming out of Thailand. At first glance, these patches almost appear screen printed. The accuracy is so on point!

Primo keeps the same attention to detail inside and outside their shorts, taking the extra time necessary to tidy up the  back end of their patchwork. The inside of the shorts are beautifully finished and the stitching is tidy and precise. What you may find with many other shorts, is loose ends on the interior of the shorts, or piece of extra fabric behind the patch to conceal the “behind the seams” work. While this short cut doesn’t really impact the look of the shorts, it can add unnecessary bulk and compromise the fit. Primo shorts are a high end garment and this is reflected in the quality of the fabric, the craftsmanship, and the finishing.

How do Primo Free Flow Shorts Fit?

There are two main styles of Muay Thai shorts. The baggier, wider traditional cut and the shorter, narrower slim cut. Primo’s Muay Thai Free Flow Shorts are somewhere in between the two. Not as wide and baggy as the classic cut but not quite as short as other slim cut Muay Thai shorts (like Fairtex for example). Some slim cut shorts can leave you feeling a bit exposed, like Aussie rules shorts from the Eighties! Primo seems to have found the perfect halfway house between the classic style and slim cut look. Basically they’re slimmer than classic Muay Thai shorts but still hang about halfway down the thigh. Suffice to say, we think Primo’s Free Flow Muay Thai Shorts have a very pleasing cut that appeals to both ladies and gentlemen.

Clean, Modern Branding:

Primo’s branding is very neat, modern and attractive. They’ve bought a touch of street style to the Muay Thai garment industry. The bold font they use stands out and has a very aesthetically pleasing touch. The best part about their branding is their distinctive ‘bua’ or lotus logo. It is not only great looking, it’s very Thai.

The word Primo is writ-large across the front of most of the Free Flow styles; including their Black Panther, Gotham’s Finest, Stadium Classic, Arctic Ghost, Off Wai, Metatec, and Miami Lights shorts. The only exception to this (so far) is their first shorts released in the series – Azure Dreams. This style uses Thai lettering to spell out “นักล่าฝัน”, which translates to Dream Hunter.

All Free Flow shorts feature a Primo Fight Wear patch on the waistband, then the logo repeats, recurring in small throughout the edging. They are decorated again with the Primo lotus logo patched on the left side and a Team Primo shield on the right leg. Finally, a small oblong patch logo on the front of left leg. Aesthetically, Primo Free Flow Muay Thai Shorts are a real treat.

Who wears Primo Fight Wear?Saenchai Team Primo

Primo’s sponsored athletes &  brand ambassadors include:

  • Saenchai – P4P Muay Thai Legend

  • Alicia Rodrigues – ONE Muay Thai World Champion

  • Liam Nolan – WBC Muay Thai World Champion

  • Barbara Aguiar – WBC Muay Thai World Champion 

  • Panpayak Jitmuangnon – Lumpinee & Rajadamnern Champion

  • Gabrielle De Ramos – Muay Thai Fighter & Influencer

  • Noelisson Silva – ONE Muay Thai Athlete

Despite being a relatively new Muay Thai brand, Primo already has some serious friends in the fight game. This is testament to the quality of their products.

Primo Free Flow Shorts are a perfect fit for the next generation of Muay Thai legends

Primo is a quite young and fresh manufacturer. Their Free Flow Muay Thai Shorts are extremely well made, using only the best fabric. The cut of these shorts is the perfect halfway house between a classic, wide cut and the more modern, slim cut shorts. Their branding is slick and pleasing to the eye, with embroidery and finishing so precise you’ll push your existing Thai shorts to the back of the closet. These are some of the nicest Muay Thai shorts on the market today. Even better in person, we totally recommend grabbing a pair for yourself.

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