Review: Nationman Muay Thai Equipment

nationman muay thai review

Nationman Muay Thai Equipment

If you’ve fought amateur Muay Thai in Thailand or even been here for a training camp, this brand needs no introduction. If you’ve never had the pleasure, allow us to introduce: NATIONMAN MUAY THAI EQUIPMENT. This brand is one of Thailand’s premier manufacturers and major force in the Thai sporting goods market. Within the Kingdom of Thailand, Nationman is comparable to big brands like Nike or Adidas in the States. They produce high quality equipment for everything from ball and racquet sports to athletics and martial arts, including the national sport of Muay Thai. Nationman is a proud supporter of Thai national teams as well as grass roots athletic programs.  Our favorite of their Muay Thai products include Nationman Ankle Guards, Nationman Elbow Pads, and Nationman Shin Pads. Find out more details on these 3 below.

Nationman Ankle Guards

Available in a full rainbow of colors, Nationman ankle supports are bright & tight. These guards are worn during Muay Thai training, sparring and competition to prevent ankle injury. They add an extra layer of protection to an otherwise vulnerable joint, supporting the tendons and ligaments around the forefoot and ankle. These also take the sting off when you’re doing repetitive kick drills.

The ankle supports come in one size only. They instantly fit smaller feet, and are great once broken in on larger size feet. The stretch on their elastic cotton sleeves does not give up. It’s super durable and can put up with continuous use.

Priced reasonably at $12/pair, it’s easy to grab a few Nationman Ankle Guards so you always have fresh gear ready – your training partners will thank you, these things get stinkier than socks! We recommend hanging them to dry as high heat from the dryer can damage the elastic material.

Nationman Elbow & Shin Pads

Nationman sponsors amateur and professional level Muay Thai fights in Thailand. If you’ve been to a World Muay Thai Federation (WMF) or International Federation of Muay Thai Associations (IFMA) competition here, you’re probably already familiar with Nationman gear. Their cloth shin guards and elastic elbow pads are essential for amateur level competition. They’re also popular with pro fighters for use during training camps and sparring.

When training for war, there’s a fine balance between conditioning and deterioration that every fighter needs to find. These cloth shin pads by Nationman offer less rigid protection in comparison to popular sparring models by Twins, Fairtex, and Top King. This means you can feel more realistic impact when landing strikes.

Nationman shins and elbow pads are a Nakmuay favorite for their high quality material. The elastic cotton blend is strong enough to keep these pads from sliding, making sure the protection stays where you need it. The durable elastic strap adds extra reinforcement to keep them in place. The padding is focused in all the right areas and isn’t too bulky. So, these pads permit a great amount of mobility and movement. Sparring with these is a safer way to incorporate elbow strikes into your training regime. Order yours today from Nak Muay Wholesale, we ship worldwide.

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