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Muay Thai T-Shirts

When we think about Muay Thai gear, our mind goes straight to gloves, shin guards and head gear. That protective equipment that shields you from cuts and bruises and broken bones. Or the equipment we use for target practice. Striking pads, heavy bags and kicking shields. Perhaps even the famously ostentatious Muay Thai shorts, but rarely do we think about other sport specific apparel. Nevertheless, the humble t-shirt is a popular item on the shopping list of many aspiring Nak Muay.

In Thailand you are likely to be training in intense heat and humidity, therefore are unlikely to be wearing anything above the waist. But what if you are training in an air conditioned gym or the colder climates to be found in the West? That extra bit of clothing may be a welcome addition to your fight wear. So without further ado, let’s take a look at our selection of Muay Thai T-Shirts for you.


We currently offer three different styles of Fairtex Muay Thai T’s. Their cotton Fairtex T-Shirt, sporting the familiar logo emblazoned across the chest and the Fairtex logo with a red star by the collar on the back. Their Premium Quick Dry T-Shirt with it’s Lamborghini inspired Wai Kru shield on the front and a large vertical Fairtex logo on the back. And finally their breathable Fairtex Basketball Jersey, sporting a Fairtex logo on the chest and a Fairtex 71 design on the back. Fairtex’s design team have kept it contemporary. Offered in small, medium, large, extra large and XXL sizes. Please see manufacturer sizing chart on their respective product page for more information.


Top King Boxing:

Top King offer two unique designs — their Bangkok or Monkey T-Shirt styles.

The Bangkok T-Shirt utilises the Top King logo across the chest, with BANGKOK in bold beneath. They’ve used the Thai flag colours spanning from either side of the Bangkok logo. With “Sprit Of The Fighter” in a large circle on the top of the back of the t-shirt. And “Top King Muay Thai” written at the bottom. The two slogans are divided by a barrier. Inside the circle is a face that features two images, half monkey, half Thai giant.

The Monkey design features a half Thai Giant, half monkey fighter across the front of the shirt. He is wearing Muay Thai shorts and Top King’s Kanok shinguards with matching gloves. Top left has Top King written in red and below, to the right “The Spirit of a Fighter” is written. The back of the t-shirt has Top King’s new logo and “TKB Powered by Top King Boxing” written below that. Coming in either black or white and offered in small, medium, large and extra large. On the product page we have a size chart from the manufacturer.


Nationman offer a no frills Muay Thai singlet that looks like it is straight out of the amateur divisions. Look like an Olympian in your Nationman Muay Thai Singlet. Coming in red or blue and made from high quality polyester. They are extremely comfortable attire, perfect for the ring. These singlets are unisex and available in small, medium, large, extra large and XXL. See the size chart on the product page for more information.


Boon Muay Thai T-Shirts are our pick of the bunch. Using traditional “Sak Yant” themed designs. Sak Yant is traditional Thai Buddhist bamboo tattoo artwork, applied to bring luck and protection to the wearer. Boon offers a singlet, t-shirt and women’s training top styles to cater to a wide range of body type.

Boon’s Muay Thai Singlet comes in black, blue, green pink and red and sports Boon’s distinctive logo with a Buddhist blessing above and Boon written in Thai script below. The singlet is made from breathable polyester fabric and is available from small to XXL.

Boon’s Women’s Fight Top has the Boon logo with Boon in Thai script below. Coming in hot pink, pink, white, black, aqua, red, blue and green colour options. Made from 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex for a figure hugging fit. Elasticated at the bottom to keep it secure during training. Please handle with care during washing. Available in small to extra large.

Finally Boon’s Muay Thai, Sak Yant themed t-shirts come in a variety of looks. From their Hanuman Monkey God design to their Tiger and basic Sak Yant designs. These stunning t-shirts use premium cotton and come in black ,white and grey. They are availab in small, medium, large and extra large sizes. With the Boon logo in red and Boon in Thai script below. For more information with regards to sizing, please refer to the product pages for more precise sizing charts.

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