Muay Thai Holiday Gift Guide

Muay Thai Holiday Gift Guide

Muay Thai Holiday Gift Guide:

Having a hard time picking the perfect gift for the fighter in your life? Let us help take some of the stress out of the holiday season. Read this Muay Thai Holiday gift guide for our top 6 picks under $60.

1. Muay Thai Shorts

An obvious choice is a new pair of Thai Boxing Shorts. Every fighter would appreciate a flashy new pair. We’ve got some great options to choose from: Twins Grass Shorts and Buakaw Muay Thai Shorts coming in under $50, and all of the Fairtex Shorts on our site are only $37 per pair. Great designs and lots of sizes to choose from — see our Fairtex Slim Cut Size Guide if you’re unsure about sizing for this style. 

Muay Thai Holiday Gift Guide, 6 ideas under $602. Fairtex Boxing Sticks

These are a great tool that’s suitable for any level of fighter. Boxing sticks can be used for reaction and agility training. They are lightweight and easy to handle. Perfect for training while the gym is closed for holidays. Each pair costs only $53 and comes with its own nylon bag.

3. Twins Synthetic Boxing Gloves

You can’t go wrong with a new pair of boxing gloves. These Twins gloves use synthetic leather, putting them at a great price point for holiday gift giving. An 8 oz pair of gloves is only $48. They are available in 2 oz increments all the way up to 16oz, which sells for $56. Unsure about your fighter’s preferred glove size? As a general recommendation, 8 oz – 12 oz are ideal training gloves and 16oz are sparring gloves. 

4. Amateur Competition Set

Cloth shinpads and elbow pads are used in amateur competition. A new set from Fairtex or Nationman could be the perfect gift. Both brands are available in black, red, or blue. Nationman elbow pads are only $22, and the shinpads are $28. Fairtex elbow and shin pads are $30 each. 

5. Fairtex Gear Bag

Fairtex has several bags under the $60 price point. We have 2 different styles of backpacks – the super lightweight BAG12 for $51 and the more traditional style BAG8 for $54. There is also the lightweight duffle bag available for $51 and cross body bag for only $41. The Fairtex Sach Bag is always a hit, perfect for storing a pair of gloves or shoes on the way to the gym, and it’s only $25.

6. Handwraps and Ankle Supports

Handwraps and ankle supports are the Muay Thai equivalent of socks and underwear.. Fresh necessities are always welcome! All the handwraps on our site are $10 per pair, choose from Fairtex, Windy and Buakaw. We have 3 selections for ankle guards, Twins Special at $14 per pair, Fairtex at $17, and Nationman for only $12. 

Whatever you decide on, chances are your Nak Muay will be thrilled to find new gear under the tree!



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