Muay Thai Gift Guide 2022

Muay Thai Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Haven’t started Christmas shopping yet? Check out this Muay Thai gift guide for tons of ideas under $35USD and brilliant suggestions for those hard to shop for fighters on your list.

This list of versatile Muay Thai gift ideas is sure to make this holiday season easy work. Whether you’re looking for your training partner or coach, we’ve got something for everyone on your list.


Affordable Muay Thai Gift Guide Under $35USD:

Muay Thai Shorts:

Thai shorts are the perfect gift to brighten up their fight game. Fighters can always use another pair for training.  We have a wide selection of styles and brands, here’s a list of our favorites in this price range:

  • Boon Retro Shorts – premium satin material with a modern cut, these are sure bet!  Not too flashy but available in some bright colors if that’s your fighter’s preference. At a $25USD price point, these fall at the very top of our list. In general, retro style shorts are a slimmer cut than traditional style shorts so pay attention to the size chart. Luckily Boon shorts are available up to XXXL so you can find the right fit.
  • Nationman Muay Thai Shorts – high quality and comfortable shorts from a staple brand in the Kingdom of Thailand. These shorts are another simple, yet stylish design. Nationman makes these in 2 colors – red or blue. At only $24USD/pair, it won’t break the bank to grab both! They’re available in sizes up to XXL and we’ve had great feedback from our western customers on how these fit.
  • Boon Traditional Muay Thai Shorts – this style offers the same premium materials and craftsmanship as Boon’s retro shorts. The difference in price from the retro style reflects the expert embroidery and details these shorts have to offer. Boon makes these traditional style boxing shorts in a wide variety of designs and colors. They’re available starting at only $30USD.

Training Singlets and Fight Tops:

These are another obvious choice that will actually be useful for fighters. There’s no harm in fresh gear for the gym – especially something that’s up under the armpits. We’ve got a few great styles to choose from:

  • Nationman Singlets – a fantastic blend of fabric that’s soft and breathable. These are perfect for sweaty training sessions, durable, hardwearing and easy to wash – a better combo does not exist. They come in red or blue with simple detail and branding. They’re a safe bet for any fighter – and at $18USD they’re practically a steal.
  • Boon Singlets – these offer a thicker fabric than the Nationman singlets. While black is the most popular color, these also come in red, blue, green, and pink! Boon singlets are available for only $24USD, with sizes up to XXL. These are a great gift for the fighter that wants an authentic Thai upgrade to their training look.
  • Boon Fight Tops – something special for the Nak Muay Ying in your life. These Muay Thai ladies fight tops offer a flattering fit in a range of eight different colors. They’re only $17USD with sizes small to large available.
  • Fairtex Jersey – this style offers a more relaxed fit than the other training singlets. As usual, Fairtex uses a premium fabric and comfortable design that makes it perfect for training. We’ve got them for sale at only $27USD.

Muay Thai T Shirts:

A versatile gift for a fighter that can be worn for training or casual wear. We offer a wide selection in a range of materials, brands, and designs with unisex sizing up to XL.

  • Fairtex’s traditional logo T shirt is by far our most popular style. It’s made of super soft cotton and available at only $22USD. We also have a brand new premium quick dry T shirt by Fairtex available for only $33USD.
  • Top King has a few styles available in both black and white – a traditional Top King Bangkok or more modern Monkey King design. Both are available for only $22USD
  • Boon Sport has a wide range of T shirt designs, ranging from Tiger and Hanuman designs to simple, traditional Sak Yants. All available for only $20USD.


Weighted Skipping Rope:

Muay Thai skipping ropes offer a whole new level of workout. A simple, yet effective training tool, this is a thoughtful gift for the fighter in your life. We have standard length ropes available, and an extra long option for fighters over 6 feet. Both fall under $20USD.


Handwraps & Ankle Supports:

These are absolutely underrated gifts. New hand wraps & ankle supports at Christmas are to fighters what socks & underwear are to the rest of us! We definitely need them and when someone else gives them, it’s a nice treat. These will be put to regular use & will definitely be appreciated!


Looking for a gift that’s more Muay Thai specific? Here’s a few holiday gift ideas for the Nak Muay or Kru that already has it all!

Premium Muay Thai Gift Guide for Elite Fighters:

K Muay Thai Pads:

These things are legendary. They’re hand made in Thailand by a boutique manufacturer that prioritizes quality over quantity. K pads are highly sought after and will be a perfect treat for both fighters and trainers.  We have a variety of styles available, including single and double strap kick pads and several sizes of focus mitts.

Mongkol Punch Pads:

Mongkol Thai Boxing is a relatively new brand out of Bangkok. And while they are newer, their quality is truly unbeatable. These Mongkol Punching Pads perfectly balance heavy duty padding and versatility – a task that is not easy to do. They are ideal for high level fighters and trainers, providing effective protection for both while training combinations and power shots.

Gym Bag for Fight Gear:

A fresh bag that’s big enough to transport all their fight gear is a thoughtful gift. We have several styles and brands to choose from:

  • Fairtex Duffle Bag – by far the most popular fight gear bag on the market right now. Fairtex’s new colors for the season include black on black, army green, and a beautiful new khaki color. These bags have endless pockets in different shapes and sizes – mesh, regular, and waterproof – Fairtex has thought of it all.
  • Top King Gym Bag – a massive bag that can fit just about everything. It comes in grey or lime green, with tons of pockets to stay organized!
  • Twins Bag5 – Twins has re-vamped their branding once again for a sleek new look on their classic backpack. This bag is still convertible to a duffle bag, and can still fit all your training gear (and then some)! It’s available in black, red, blue, green, or grey.

Sauna Suit for Cutting Weight:

This is a  practical and useful tool that high level fighters will gladly make use of to cut weight before a fight. We have 2 styles to choose from:

Premium Muay Thai Shorts:

High quality shorts for high performance athletes. Fairtex, Top King and Primo offer some fancier styles for the fighter in your life. Most popular this season include Fairtex’s URface shorts, Primo Free Flow shorts, and basically all Top King designs.

Mongkol & Armband Set:

A necessary part of the pre-fight Wai Kru ceremony, this set is beautiful gift for the competitive fighter in your life. These are handmade in the Issan province of Thailand with unmatched quality. We have several styles and colors to choose from.


We hope you found this Muay Thai gift guide helpful. Whatever you decide on, chances are your fighter will be happy to find new gear under the tree this year 🙏

Still unsure? Feel free to send us an email or leave a comment below for help with any of these products.


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