Top King Boxing introduces a new brand logo

New Top King Boxing Logo 2022

Top King Boxing has just unveiled a newly designed brand logo set to roll out in January 2022. This logo will replace their existing one on all of their Muay Thai equipment. Top King’s original logo has been around since their inception. It’s design featured “Top King” across the centre, with a crown across the […]

Twins Special Belly Protector: Review on BEPL2

Twins Special Belly Protector Product Review

A good belly pad is essential for training Muay Thai fighters. And any decent pad holder knows they need proper equipment to keep up with their athletes. One of your best bets for durability and function is a Twins Special Belly Protector. Read this article for a complete product review on the Twins Special BEPL2 […]

Fairtex Vinyl Sweat Suit Review : Engineered for Top Performance

Fairtex Vinyl Sweat Suit Review

Fairtex just dropped a hot new color for their sauna suit. This is the perfect time to go over the features for their VS2 model. Read below for a full product review on the Fairtex Vinyl Sweat Suit, including sizing recommendations and new colors available.  Lightweight Fabric This Fairtex Sauna Suit uses a much lighter […]

Fairtex BGV20 Review : Genuine Leather Boxing Gloves

Fairtex BGV20 Review Boxing Gloves

Fairtex BGV20 Review : Genuine Leather Boxing Gloves Pastel blue – the color trend announced by Pantone for 2019. The same color Fairtex used for their new BGV20’s. A matte, no gloss shine makes this model stand out from others currently on the market. But, the color isn’t the only exceptional thing about these gloves. […]

Top King Shin Guard Review

Top King Shin Guard Review

Top King Boxing designs beautiful sparring equipment and who doesn’t love a matching set? But, we get some common questions about switching to this brand from another favorite Muay Thai brand. Usually, these questions are around design, protection and sizing. This Top King shin guard review will cover all that and more. Read on to […]

Fairtex Boxing Glove Review – Painter Design

You’re here for a review of the Fairtex Painter Boxing Gloves. This in-depth article will give you an up close look at the Painter design and aesthetic, as well as the Fairtex BGV14 model. Fairtex Painter Design & Aesthetic There’s something special about the Fairtex Painter Boxing Gloves. Each pair is hand painted with the […]

Is Fairtex Syntek genuine or synthetic leather?

Fairtex Syntek real or synthetic leather?

Here’s a question we often get from customers : what’s the difference between genuine leather boxing gloves and synthetic leather boxing gloves?    Genuine leather boxing gloves typically use cow hide or other animal leather for their exterior. Sourced in different grades, it’s finishing and processing impacts how it feels on the glove. If minimally […]

Fairtex HG10 Review: Super Sparring Headgear

Headgear is designed for sparring. It allows you to simulate realistic training in the safest conditions possible. In this Fairtex HG10 review, we will discuss the features that make this Fairtex headguard one of the best! Ergonomic design is what sets this head guard apart from those that came before it. Fairtex has paid attention […]