Fairtex HG10 Review: Super Sparring Headgear

Headgear is designed for sparring. It allows you to simulate realistic training in the safest conditions possible. In this Fairtex HG10 review, we will discuss the features that make this Fairtex headguard one of the best! Ergonomic design is what sets this head guard apart from those that came before it. Fairtex has paid attention […]

K Brand Bag Glove Review

Do you incorporate bag gloves into your training regime? These old school style gloves are great for bag and pad work. Compared to boxing gloves, bag gloves give greater feedback on striking surfaces. They are an excellent tool for MMA or bare knuckle fighters, allowing you to strengthen and condition different muscles than when you […]

Fairtex SP8 Shin Pad Review

Fairtex’s latest shinguard to be released is the Ultimate SP8 model. Appropriately named, this model incorporates all the best features of Fairtex engineering, giving you the ultimate in sparring protection. Read This Fairtex SP8 Shin Pad Review for the top reasons to buy their newest release.  Similar to previous Fairtex shin guard designs, the SP8’s […]

K Brand Focus Mitts: A complete review

K Muay Thai Equipment is world renowned for their kick pads, but their focus mitts are just as amazing! In this post, we’re going to walk through the craftsmanship, materials, sizes, shapes, and design of the K brand focus mitts.  All equipment that K brand makes uses the highest quality of Thai leather.  This manufacturer […]

Fairtex SP7 Review: Twister Shin Pads with Detachable In-Step

Also known as Fairtex Twister, these shin guards are great for more than just Muay Thai. Their versatile design makes them suitable for MMA and grappling, too! Read this complete review of the Fairtex SP7 Shin Pads to find out why.  These shinguards are handmade in Thailand using Fairtex’s signature Syntek leather. This material is […]

Fairtex SP5 Review: Competition Style Shin Pads

Fairtex SP5 Review Shinpad Product review

Fairtex SP5’s are the 5th version of Fairtex’s Muay Thai Shin Protectors. They have taken over from the basic SP3 design, and become the go-to shinguard model for this brand. Read this complete Fairtex SP5 review to find out why these shin pads are the new Fairtex classic. These Fairtex SP5 shin guards use their […]

Twins Punch Mitt Review: PML13 Micro Focus Mitts

Twins Leather Punch Mitts PML13 review

Smaller size punch mitts are perfect for sharpening your hands. They are ideal for speed and accuracy training. Often referred to as mini or micro pads, these focus pads are appropriate for any style of martial arts training.  The Twins PML13 Punch Mitts are a mini style focus pad. They’re perfect for Boxing, Muay Thai […]

Fairtex Headgear Review: HG13 Diagonal View

Fairtex Headgear Review: HG13 Diagonal View

Fairtex is known for their attention to detail and high production standards. Their Diagonal View Headgear is no exception. Read this complete Fairtex Headgear review to find out more about the HG13 model features, options available, and sizing recommendations. Features of the Fairtex HG13 Headgear The Fairtex HG13 Headgear uses a hook-shaped forehead protector. Compared […]

Buakaw Muay Thai Shorts Size Guide

Buakaw Muay Thai Shorts Review

Buakaw Muay Thai Shorts Size Guide Buakaw Banchamek is a world class fighter. His new brand Banchamek Fight Gear is quickly making a name for itself worldwide; and there’s no question as to why. This legendary fighter knows what it takes for tough training, so also he knows the gear has to keep up with […]

Review: Nationman Muay Thai Equipment

nationman muay thai review

Nationman Muay Thai Equipment If you’ve fought amateur Muay Thai in Thailand or even been here for a training camp, this brand needs no introduction. If you’ve never had the pleasure, allow us to introduce: NATIONMAN MUAY THAI EQUIPMENT. This brand is one of Thailand’s premier manufacturers and major force in the Thai sporting goods […]