The Best Focus Mitts for Precision Training – Boon’s Curved Micro Mitts FMSC

Boon Curved Micro Mitts for Muay Thai and Boxing

Boon Curved Micro Mitts FMSC Review Established in 2002, Boon are relative newcomers to the Muay Thai equipment game. Yet have fast become a Nak Muay Wholesale best seller. Boon Sport has a reliable and loyal customer base consisting of pro fighters, beginners and everyone in-between. Due to their reliably stout construction and Boon’s consistent […]

Best Sauna Suit for Thai Boxing: Twins vs. Fairtex

Best Sauna Suit for Thai Boxing Fairtex vs Twins Special

What is the best sauna suit for Thai boxing? Let’s compare the Twins VSS-1 & Fairtex VS2 When it comes to cutting weight before a bout, fighters understand the importance of shedding those last few pounds. Meeting the strict weight requirements for competition often requires a last-minute, quick fix. Fighters go all out, pushing themselves […]

Fairtex BGV13 Review: Coach Sparring Gloves

Fairtex BGV13 Coach Sparring Gloves Review

Coach Sparring Glove, Fairtex BGV13 Review Mitt work is a cornerstone of boxing, Muay Thai and MMA training. It provides fighters with countless skill amplifying benefits, essential for gaining that edge in the ring. Increasing hand to eye coordination, reaction time, distance control, elusive head-movement and footwork to name a few. In the hands of […]

Mongkol Single Strap Kick Pad Review – Kick Like A Pro!

Mongkol Single Strap Kick Pad Review KGM02 Mongkol Thai Boxing

Kick Like a Pro: Mongkol Single Strap Kick Pad Review (Model KGM02) When it comes to the fight game, having the right kit is non-negotiable. Arguably, the most essential bit of equipment in any Muay Thai gym is the large and formidable Muay Thai kick pad. Finding the best Muay Thai pads with durability, that […]

Product Review: Top King Extreme Thai Pads

Top King Extreme Kick Pads Product Review

The latest innovation: Top King Extreme Thai Pads Thailand is a very traditional society, with a far more socially cohesive culture than most Western nations. This traditionalism and collectivist unity is part of what makes Thailand so amazing!  In perfect balance to their strong traditional roots, Thai boxing manufacturers lead the way in creative business […]

Why use lace up boxing gloves for training?

Why use lace up boxing gloves for boxing training

Top 4 Benefits Of Using Lace Up Boxing Gloves In Training Ever since John Douglas, the 9th Marquess of Queensberry set the modern rules of boxing, gloves have been essential. Before the Queensberry Rules, the sport was governed by the London Prize Rules. Under the London Rules, boxing gloves were not used. Since then they […]

Top King VS Fairtex – Focus Mitts Comparison

Focus Mitt Comparison_ Fairtex vs Top King Boxing

Top King Super Focus Mitts vs Fairtex FMV9 Contoured Focus Mitts Comparison Buying a top-notch pair of focus mitts should be on every trainer’s list. Even if you are not a coach or a trainer, having some striking pads in your kit will always be an asset. Quality mitts are not only important to the […]

Twins BGVL3 Boxing Glove Review – The Iconic Gloves of Muay Thai

5 pairs of twins muay thai gloves arranged in a circle with Nak Muay Wholesale review title

Twins BGVL3 Boxing Glove Review – The Iconic Gloves of Muay Thai Authentic Twins Special is one of Muay Thai’s most iconic brands. A Thai brand with a global following, which never promoted itself outside the Kingdom. Twins won an international following through the quality of their equipment and word of mouth. Since the days […]

How To Choose Your First Pair of Boxing Gloves: What to look for & why

what to look for when buying your first pair of boxing gloves

When embarking on a new activity, making sure you have the right equipment is first on most people’s minds. Muay Thai or Western boxing is no exception. First on most people’s list is boxing gloves. You could use the communal gloves at the gym but these gloves will usually be worn out or smell like […]

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