Mongkol Thai Boxing Shinguard Review

Female Muay Thai fighter sitting on the edge of boxing ring, wearing white shin pads from Mongkol Fight Gear

Mongkol Thai Boxing Shinguard Review

Shin guards are some of the most important bits of kit you will buy, so choose wisely. In large part, thanks to the popularity of MMA bringing Muay Thai to a wider audience, the big Thai boxing equipment brands are now well known worldwide. However, there are other newer and lesser-known Thai manufacturers making high quality products. It’s well worth considering such brands when purchasing essential equipment.

With that in mind, let us introduce the Mongkol Muay Thai Shin Guard for your consideration. Hand made in Thailand with genuine leather, these shin guards are a classy bit of kit. The leather used in Mongkol’s Muay Thai Shin Guard is of good quality and the edges are sealed with neat leather trimming.

High Quality Construction

Mongkol’s offering to the shin guard market fits in at the high end, with the more established brands like Fairtex and Top King Boxing. Their shins are a robust and reliable product. They use intelligent construction and distinctive design and branding.
Mongkol are serious about challenging the competition for their place in the manufacturing of Muay Thai equipment for the professional market.

Serious Padding

Straight away, the shape of these Muay Thai shin guards stands out. They are wider and more expansive than a lot of other brands. These pads surround the leg and foot comprehensively, offering great support and protection.

They have stout and reliable double padding across the shin and instep of the foot. The main shin portion is attached to the foot protector using heavy duty nylon fabric which allows for increased mobility.

Double Velcro Closure

The substantial double Velcro straps which wrap around the calf to secure the shin guard, are solid and dependable.
This double Velcro strap system means that the Mongkol shin guard does not include any nasty metal attachments which may cause injury, or fall off. The strap design also gives these shin guards the ability to adjust to people with larger calves.

The interior shin padding is slightly thicker towards the straps and thinner towards the reinforced front. This little design tweak makes for a comfortable and close-fitting experience for the wearer.

The foot guard has a pair of resilient and supportive, thick elastic straps to hold it snug against the instep.

Mongkol has also extended the shin guard portion of the pad, into a high arch, to protect the lower knee.


Heavy Duty Performance

Now let’s talk about how these shin guards are going to perform against the onslaught of sweat heading their way.

Such equipment is often hit harder by moisture and the resulting bacteria, than by any kick!
Therefore, any shin guard worth its salt, needs to be easy to clean and maintain.

If you want your kit to survive long enough to make it worth the money, maintenance should be a major consideration.

Luckily, the interior of Mongkol’s shin guards is uses durable, quick drying, nylon fabric.
Combined with the top-quality leather finishing, they are durable and easy to clean and dry.

With a quick spray and wipe down after training, they should survive years of punishment and stay odour-free.

Now let’s get down to the aesthetics of Mongkol’s product.

If you are going to invest in quality kit, you want it to look the part.
No one wants to pay good money for a product which lacks that extra bit of flair.
Mongkol’s Muay Thai Shin Guards do not disappoint.

They look great, with their bold, distinctive, heat printed logo at the top of the shin padding.
The width around the shin and the wrap around shape of the foot protector, lends them a pleasing design aesthetic whilst retaining the serious, businesslike, warlike presence such equipment needs.

They come in 6 different colours: black, white, red, blue, pink and yellow, offering a good range from which to choose. They cater for all sizes, offering their shin guards in small, medium, large and extra large.


Mongkol’s Shin Guards are good enough to be vying for position with the top, well-established Thai legacy brands. They give solid shin and foot protection. The engineering allows for good ankle mobility. They are great for people with larger legs. Plus, they are pleasing on the eye.

These are quality shin guards from one of Thailand’s smaller equipment manufacturers.

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