Mongkol Thai Boxing Glove Review

Mongkol Thai Boxing Glove Review

Mongkol Thai Boxing Glove Review


“Mongkol Thai Boxing – A name you can trust”. We’re excited to add this new brand to our existing line up of authentic Muay Thai manufacturers. Of course you can trust it, this gear is manufactured in Thailand, the motherland of Muay Thai. It’s in good company, alongside Muay Thai heavy weights like Fairtex, Twins, and Top King Boxing. 

A bit about Mongkol Thai Boxing Brand

The research and development team for this brand focuses on excellent quality and modern designs. They do this while carrying forward and embodying the deep traditions of Muay Thai. Their clean, simple styles allow the exceptional craftsmanship of their Thai boxing gear to really shine through. 

Mongkol Thai Boxing equipment is a name trusted for competition in professional and amatuer fights in South East Asia. They sponsor events and athletes in Thailand, including those at the infamous Rajadamnern Stadium in Bangkok. Mongkol Thai Boxing also collaborates for events  with Lion City Championship in Singapore, and the SEA FC across South East Asia. Their Muay Thai equipment is also trusted for training by Thai military personnel at their boxing center in Nakhon Si Thammarat province. 


Mongkol Thai Boxing Glove Review: 

Mongkol Thai Boxing Gloves are in a league of their own. This brand boasts world class wrist support and maximum knuckle protection with dense, soft padding; an ultra comfortable ergonomic design and precise dual velcro strap closure. We’’ll agree they’re worth the hype. Read this complete review on the Mongkol Thai Boxing Gloves to understand why. 


World Class Materials

Mongkol Muay Thai Gloves use genuine, high quality leather. You can immediately tell this leather is premium just by the look and feel of it. This material is top tier. Mongkol also uses other high quality materials to complement the leather, creating durable and long lasting products. 

Synthetic leather piping along the seams of these boxing gloves provides another layer of durability. They use a variety of high quality materials on the inside of the boxing gloves, including nylon and neoprene. These materials effectively repel moisture and help to prevent it from entering and destroying the high density foam padding. 

Every single seam on these gloves is double stitched and finished with expert precision. Mongkol doesn’t skimp on high quality material for their products. They even use leather for their wrist patch logo. Instead of stitching their logo onto the patch, they emboss the leather directly for another premium detail. 


Exceptional Wrist Support

These are amongst the best Muay Thai gloves for their compact glove design and exceptional wrist support. Many glove designs provide wrist support by adding additional cuff length along the forearm. Mongkol Muay Thai gloves get their great support by working in the other direction. Their innovative design uses a long cuff that extends up towards and onto the hand compartment. This gives the wrist support from over extension, while keeping some of the flexibility necessary for clinch training and catching kicks. While other gloves typically give you either support or flexibility, this design allows you the best of both worlds. Some additional leather material on the inside cuff of the gloves provides even more rigid padding and wrist stability. 


Ergonomic Boxing Glove Design 

These gloves use a long leather wrist strap to effectively accommodate a variety of wrist sizes. A velcro closure goes the entire length of the strap so you can tighten or loosen to give yourself as much room as much as you need. 

Mongkol Boxing Gloves use a grip bar conveniently positioned to put you in the best punching posture. Multiple layers of high density foam padding protects your knuckles so you can get the most out of your striking. The leather is tightly wrapped around this padding. The seam just along the fingertips uses a smooth finish on the inside. This gives the wearer a comfortable fit while training. 

There is even padding strategically placed along the palm of the gloves, focused to the pinky finger side. This padding distribution is specific for Muay Thai training and gives extra protection while checking and catching strikes. There is lots of reinforcement along the base of the thumb compartment. The top of the thumb is semi attached to allow you with some gripping ability. This design feature is very similar to Windy’s BGVH model. 

Comfortable Protection

Mongkol boxing gloves use a total of 17 ventilation holes across the palm of their gloves. Their design uses 6 holes along the finger compartment, 5 holes across the palm and 6 holes on the thumb. Together with the tear drop shape opening created by the velcro strap closure, these gloves offer a great balance of support and protection with comfort and ventilation. 


Mongkol Thai Boxing Gloves are currently available in 10 different colors: red, blue, black, white, yellow, pink, lavender, light blue, khaki, and orange. They come in a full range of sizes from 8oz to 16oz. So, they have the best boxing gloves to fit your training needs. Click here to order yours today. You can use code: MTBG for a discount on any pair 🙂 


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