Mongkol Single Strap Kick Pad Review – Kick Like A Pro!

Mongkol Single Strap Kick Pad Review KGM02 Mongkol Thai Boxing

Kick Like a Pro: Mongkol Single Strap Kick Pad Review (Model KGM02)

When it comes to the fight game, having the right kit is non-negotiable. Arguably, the most essential bit of equipment in any Muay Thai gym is the large and formidable Muay Thai kick pad. Finding the best Muay Thai pads with durability, that will stand up to years of pummelling should be a priority. Working with Thai pads should not only improve striking techniques but offer excellent protection for both the striker and trainer. Due to the sheer power of Muay Thai kicks, safety often requires using, large, heavy pads

In this review, we’re focusing on one of the freshest Muay Thai kicking pads around: the compact and lightweight, Mongkol Thai Boxing Single Strap Kick Pad, KGM02. These exciting kick pads are making their mark in the highly competitive Bangkok Muay Thai scene. If a breakthrough Thai pad finds a following in Bangkok, the brand behind that pad is doing something right.

Simultaneously durable and surprisingly lightweight, the KGM02 caters to various skill levels and has a vibrant new look. Read on to get the goods on Mongkol’s plucky little contender for the hearts and minds of Bangkok’s pad holders!

Craftsmanship and Comfort

These kicking pads are made with genuine leather, including a tactile finish and premium padding. They strike the perfect balance between durability and comfort. This combination ensures that these pads will last the distance, during long sessions in the Thai climate. The lightweight design makes controlling these pads a pleasure.

Mongkol Single Strap Kick Pads Offer Superior Support

One standout feature of the Mongkol KGM02, is its single velcro strap securing the kick pad in place. The ergonomic design offers a snug fit and creates optimal forearm support. This minimizes the risk of discomfort or injury. The attention to detail in the strap and forearm padding showcases Mongkol’s thoughtful commitment to both trainer’s comfort and safety.

Dimensions and Weight

The dimensions on the Mongkol KGM02 Muay Thai pads, measure 12.5″ in height x 7″ in width with a thickness of 3″. Each kick pad weighs approximately 800 grams, with the pair coming in under 2kg. This offers a sweet balance between target size and manageability.

Mongkol Muay Thai Kick Pads single strap light blue and black

Mongkol Thai Boxing Single Strap Kick Pads Orange KGM02 genuine leather kick pads for muay thai

A Splash of Colour and Precision

The Mongkol Muay Thai Single Strap Thai Pads have an eye-popping appearance. They are available in lavender, orange, red, and sky blue. Each color choice is inlaid with bold black accents that make those bright colours stand out. The strike zone features a prominent black-and-white target for accuracy. Mongkol’s tasteful logo is at the top of the pad and a circular Thai flag at the bottom. The circular Thai flag has the words “Made in Thailand” and “Genuine Leather” wrapping around it.

How Do The Mongkol Single Strap Kick Pads Feel In Action?

Mongkol Single Strap Muay Thai kicking padsThe Mongkol Thai Boxing KGM02 make for a fluid training experience. Despite their lightweight build, these pads provide a solid target that absorbs power shots comfortably. The single strap system allows for quick and secure fastening. Reducing disruptions during training sessions.

Their compact size and ergonomic construction create a close connection between the pad and the holder’s forearm. Whether you’re throwing heavy kicks or lightning-fast elbows, these pads are ready for just about anything. The pliability of the leather and padding, make for satisfying Thai pad work. Regardless of which side of the pad you are on, the KGM02 feel great.

What Puts These Among the Best Thai Pads?

With their lightweight feel and eye-catching colours, Mongkol Single Strap Kick Pads stand out from the pack. Deft craftsmanship and top-quality materials ensure durability. The comfort, precision targeting and support for both striker and trainer are perfect Muay Thai pad work. Whether you’re a beginner embarking on your journey or a professional Nak Muay, these kicking pads have what it takes to elevate your training experience.

Whether you are drawn to their appearance, looking for a lightweight alternative, or just seeking high-quality Muay Thai kick pads, the Mongkol KGM02 deliver. Find them here at Nak Muay Wholesale. 

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