Mongkol Punching Focus Mitts – Review on Model PMM03

Mongkol Thai Boxing Punching Focus Mitts Product review PMM03

Mongkol PMM03 Punching Focus Mitts Review

When it comes to combat sports, precision and power are essential. To unlock your true punching potential, you need equipment built specifically for the knuckle sandwich. In the world of Thai boxing, the kick pad is King. Nevertheless, you should avoid long, intensive punch-focused striking sessions on Thai kick pads. They are called kick pads, not punch pads, for a reason. Therefore, the Western boxing focus mitt remains an essential tool in the Muay Thai gym.
Because of the prominence of the kick pad, you might expect Thai equipment manufacturers to churn out mediocre punch mitts. But the opposite is true! Some of the finest boxing focus mitts in the world are made in Thailand. Mongkol’s PMM03 focus mitts are a prime example of Thailand’s mitt manufacturing prowess. Handmade with expertise and skill, in the heart of Thailand. These satisfyingly stylish little mitts belong on the professional fight circuit, and should certainly be on your wish-list..

Mongkol thai Boxing focus mitts PMM03 yellow blue

Construction: Quality Matters

Mongkol PMM03  punching focus mitts are a testament the brand’s increasingly developing talent for design and craftsmanship. Every pair is carefully handmade, showcasing an unwavering attention to detail. The use of high-grain leather not only ensures longevity but also adds a touch of luxury to your kit bag.
These mitts have a 7.5″ high and 6.5″ wide striking surface and a 1.5″ thickness of firm, highly shock absorbent padding.
The standout feature of the PMM03 mitt is the convex strike zone. This design element a precise target for strikes. Whether you are honing your uppercut or overhand, the convex strike zone invites your fist to the target. On the trainer’s side, the thick leather used in the hand compartment and hood, combine creating true sturdiness. Are they the best focus mitts for Muay Thai? That is impossible to say but they are certainly favourites at Nak Muay Wholesale. 

The Fit: Comfortable and Safe

Focus mitts should not only enhance performance but also provide comfort and safety during arduous sessions. The curvature of the pad, is not only made with landing punches in mind. That curve is masterfully made to mould to the natural contours of your hand. This ensures you stay in control, even during extended training periods. The hand compartment of these mitts are some of the snuggest on the market. This prevents unnecessary movement within the mitts, granting better control over your work.
Safety is a paramount concern in combat sports, and Mongkol has addressed it in style. For starters, the dish-like striking surface means punches are less likely to slip off the mitt and cause injury. They also come with a hood covering the fingertips, preventing eye pokes when prompting a fighter’s head movement.

Aesthetics: Desirable Objects muay thai punches pads Mongkol Thai Boxing Focus Mitts PMM03 white red

Training gear shouldn’t just be functional; if you are paying for professional gear, it should look the part. Mongkol’s design team has ensured the PMM03 mitt looks like it belongs on Freddie Roach’s hand.
Crafted from genuine leather, they announce an air of authenticity that synthetic materials rarely replicate. Coming in a nice mix of colours with the highly appealing Mongkol branding. The front of the mitts have a crisp white or bright yellow surface. Sporting a Mongkol logo at the top and a bright orange target in the centre of each pad.
There is a circular Thai flag at the bottom surrounded by the words, “Made in Thailand” and “Genuine Leather”. The back of the mitts come in either blue and black, orange and black or red and black. Printed on the top edge of the PMM03 is the phrase “A NAME YOU CAN TRUST”. A nice flourish to round off these stylish pads.

Performance Under Fire:

The best test of any focus mitt is how it performs under fire from a high-level striker. These beautiful mitts pass that test with flying colours! They strike a perfect balance between being comfortable for the trainer and effective for the striker. On the trainer’s side, the hand compartment is about as snug as it is possible to be. An extra mound of padding is strategically placed to fit directly on the pad holder’s palm. This feature reduces the impact felt by the trainer, allowing for longer and more intense training sessions.
Whether you’re a seasoned trainer or someone just starting their striking journey. The Mongkol PMM03 focus mitts have something significant to offer. The perfect fusion of comfort, control, and aesthetics makes these mitts a versatile choice for anyone serious about their striking.
Trainers will appreciate the reliability of the PMM03 mitts. Their durable construction ensures that they can withstand the demands of hardcore pad work. For those in the process of refining their striking technique, the PMM03 mitts provide an optimal platform for growth.


Final Thoughts on Mongkol Punching Focus Mitts:

If you’re serious about Thai boxing and are seeking gear that aligns with your commitment, look no further than the Mongkol PMM03 focus mitts. These mitts encapsulate the essence of precision, durability, and style. By equipping yourself with the PMM03 mitts, you’re investing in your growth as a fighter or trainer. Every strike you throw, every punch caught is a technique sharpened. The thoughtful design of these mitts puts them at the top of the class.

So, why wait? Unlock your true punching potential with Mongkol’s PMM03 focus mitts.Mongkol Thai boxing focus mitts PMM03 punching mits

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