King Pro Muay Thai Belly Pad Review 

King Pro Boxing Belly Pad Review
King Pro Muay Thai Belly Pad Review: Getting hit in the body is no joke! A Muay Thai Coach offers up their body for target practice on a daily basis. A crazy pursuit only made possible thanks to the Muay Thai belly pad. One of the bulkiest pieces of equipment in the gym. A heavy a cumbersome tool but essential kit in the Muay Thai arsenal.
There are a lot of high quality Muay Thai body protectors on the market. From trainer’s vests like Fairtex’s original TV1 or their new and improved TV2. To super thick, heavy leather belly pads like Top King’s Ultimate Belly Pad and K’s Muay Thai Belly Pad. But what if you are looking for something more portable and lightweight?
Look no further than the King Pro Boxing Belly Pad.

Lightweight Protection:

Compared to most other boxing belly protectors, King Pro’s Boxing Belly Pad is ultra lightweight. A pleasure to wear and easy to carry, utilising high quality synthetic leather to cut down on weight. For such a rugged piece of equipment to weigh so little, is a minor miracle. This is especially impressive as it’s centre target’s circumference is wide enough to protect the upper and lower abdomen. So they have not been tightfisted in their quest to keep it light. Cleverly designed to protect the ribs and hug tight to the torso. There’s a real economy to the design of the King Pro Boxing Belly Protector and they’ve made every inch count.

Excellent Shock Absorption:

Despite it’s low weight, the King Pro Muay Thai Belly Pad is remarkably formidable. Built to weather years of punishment from skilled fighters. It’s thick wedge of padding wraps around the wearer’s trunk like a piece of armour. The multi density padding combines to form a solid wall between the wearer and the murderous strikes being thrown. It efficiently disperses the impact of blows to offer maximum protection for a belly pad of it’s size and weight. King Pro’s Boxing Belly Pad certainly delivers robust shock absorption, safety and confidence to the wearer.

High Durability:

The synthetic leather is easy to spray, wipe clean and dry. So you should be able to keep the nasty wet dog scent of sweaty equipment away. The King Pro Boxing Belly Pad has been tried and tested at the sharp end by the professionals. This Muay Thai Belly Pad can withstand thousands of killer strikes from elite fighters. You can have no doubt that you are buying a dependable piece of kit. The Velcro strap with metal buckle is easily adjustable, reliable and stout. This durable belly pad will be with you for the long haul.

Trusted by Professionals:

Popularised by Superbon’s Trainer, Kru Gae! Trainer Gae’s videos of his monstrous training sessions, has won this bit of equipment a bit of a cult following. Watching Trainer Gae use the King Pro Boxing Belly Pad should leave you in no doubt about the toughness of this kit. It’s not surprising so many people like this belly pad specifically.

Dimensions for the King Pro Belly Pad:

Coming in small, medium and large and anyone who has seen Trainer Gae, knows, large means LARGE!
Front Max Height Side Max Height Depth Front Depth Side Waist (estimate)
Medium 34 cm 19 cm 8 cm 7 cm 81 cm – 101 cm
Large 36 cm 21 cm 8 cm 7 cm max 120 cm

King Pro Boxing Aesthetic:

Looking like a championship belt, all in black with white piping and white side targets. With the modern King Pro logo bold and high, in white taking up the entire centre circle of the pad. And smaller King Pro logos on the liver and spleen targets, the minimalist design is modern and pleasing to the eye. It’s truly a great looking belly pad.

King Pro Muay Thai Belly Pad Review – Final Thoughts:

This belly pad is very lightweight yet has great shock absorption capabilities and durability. This obvious advantage has been tried and tested by the pros. A good looking belly pad that you know can go the mile with training. A great choice for someone who wants a portable, easy to wear option. Not for trainers who prefer the weight of a heavy duty pad. Ultimately, a quality belly pad suitable for Muay Thai, MMA or Boxing training.

Find the King Pro Belly Pad here

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