King Pro Double Strap Kick Pad Review

King Pro Boxing Double Strap Kick Pad Review

King Pro Double Strap Kick Pad Review

All Muay Thai equipment is hardcore. Strong, durable, bulky and heavy! Thai pads are the epitome of Thai boxing equipment. Like padded blocks of masonry, strapped to your forearms. A good pair of Thai pads will absorb dynamite kicks from trained killers, leaving you, the holder, unscathed. Therefore a quality pair of Muay Thai pads are likely to be on the large and heavy side! But what if you want high quality, professional standard Muay Thai kick pads, that cut back on the weight?

Well, look no further than King Pro Boxing Double Strap kick pads.

King Pro Double Strap Thai Kick Pad Construction:

Neat is the word that comes to mind. These microfiber double strap Thai pads are a pleasure to hold. Positively tight in their construction, there is nothing superfluous about these pads – every inch of these pads matter!

They feel lightweight, compact and well made. Very thick and robust but a little bit more pliant and soft than the usual Muay Thai kick pads. The microfiber is key to reducing the weight of these King Pro Boxing Double Strap Thai Pads.

Weighing only 1.7kg and measuring 38 cm long, 19 cm wide and 12 cm thick, these pads are about as economical in size and weight as it is possible to be. They manage this reduction in size and weight whilst retaining ample protection for the holder. Featuring a thick striking pad, reinforced by a dense wedge of padding for the forearm.

The holder has a formidable multilayered slab of shock absorbing microfiber foam as protection from the fury hitting the other side of the pads. With super chunky stitching fastening the business end of the kick pad to the strap side. King Pro’s handiwork is as robust as it is classy. These bad boys are built for war.

High Performance:

King Pro Kick Pads with double strap

For the holder they are a combination between lightweight and solid. The extra wedge of forearm padding has the effect of pushing the arm back into the straps, locking the pad on the arm nicely. The straps are comfortable and the chunky size of the handle is pleasing to hold. The thickness of the pad with the density of the microfiber foam, means catching kicks is a pleasure, rather than a pain.

For the striker, the slight curve of the pad and the forgiving density of the foam makes them great to kick. Soft enough to bury a satisfying kick into comfortably, yet firm enough to give your punches a nice pop. These pads are fun to hit and satisfying to hold.

King Pro Boxing Double Strap Thai Kick Pads will make a fantastic addition to your equipment haul. Get ready to catch some heavy shots.

Sleek, Classic Look:

These pads feature a simple style, but are pleasing to the eye. All in a tactile, easy to maintain, black microfiber finish. With super chunky red stitching fastening the body of the pad panel to the holder’s side of the pads. King Pro Boxing has kept it simple but effective. The pleasing gloss black microfiber synthetic leather material and the red stitching is spartan. But this Spartan look, is offset by a large “Top King Pro Boxing” logo in white on the strike zone of the pads. With a small “Thailand Top Quality” badge, in white at the bottom of the pads. These double strap Thai Kick Pads are great looking kit for the Muay Thai professional.

Who uses the King Pro Double Strap Kick Pads?

These pads are used by legendary Muay Thai Coach, Ajarn Gae who has trained Superbon, Ramazan Ramazanov, Dzhabar Askerov and many more, out of Madusa Lamai and Elite gyms.


King Pro Boxing double strap Muay Thai kick pads are lightweight and relatively small, microfiber striking pads. Extra thick for maximum shock absorption with a solid two strap and handle system for ultimate stability. With a slight curve and the right blend between soft and firm padding, these pads are great to hit and hold. If you are looking for solid, professional level kick pads which are both lightweight yet thick enough to catch weapons grade kicks? These are the pads for you!




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