Launch & Review: K Muay Thai Equipment

K Muay Thai Equipment review kick pads

K Muay Thai Equipment Review

The big brands in Thailand sponsor fighters, they sponsor gyms and fight series, and they even sponsor stadiums. And yet, some of the most elite Muay Thai trainers will spend their own money on a pair of these prestigious K brand pads. Why? The answer is simple: K Muay Thai Equipment currently makes the gold standard in traditional Muay Thai Kick Pads. This family owned business creates small batch equipment in simple, yet effective designs. We’ve just launched this brand on Nak Muay Wholesale. Read our K Muay Thai Equipment Review below.

K Muay Thai Equipment uses a super simple and straightforward design. They don’t bother with all the flash that main stream Muay Thai gear uses; K brand lets its quality speak for itself – there is truly no one else on their level.

Even their logo is simple, a capital letter K. They don’t need to use a ‘genuine leather’ stamp, you can tell by the look, feel, and smell of this material that it is the real deal. Their authenticity in undisputed, they don’t need to advertise.

K kick pads are available with a single or double strap design. Each strap is expertly attached to the back of the pad and is long enough to accommodate a wide range of forearm sizes. The straps use a metal belt buckle to fasten which provides secure fit. This fixture will stand the test of time, so you don’t have to worry about Velcro wearing out.

Each set has a distinctive right and left pad. The buckle position is towards the such that they open towards the outside of your body. This keeps the metal closure out of the way while you’re training. The handles use a slightly angle to give you a comfortable and natural grip on the pads.

Muay Thai Kick Pads

K Muay Thai Equipment Kick Pads

$129.00 USD
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
Select options This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

The stitching it top notch, the padding virtually indestructible by human standards. The seams along the striking surface are smooth and cohesive. The side surfaces use an accent color, for some classic styling. The sides are durably affixed to the back of the pads using heavy duty stitching and lacing. In between the straps is the epic K logo.

There is a slight size difference between the single and double strap versions. Both are 17 cm long and 6 cm wide. The single strap are 32 cm tall and the double strap are 36 cm tall. In addition to being slightly taller, the double strap version is also slightly heavier (measuring 3.0 kg for a pair). By comparison, the single strap pads weigh about 200 grams less per pair. Single strap pads are perfect for fighters under 90 kg. But, heavier weight classes will be better suited to train with the double strap model.

K double strap Thai pads use a rectangular shape. The single strap version is tapered towards the bottom, making it easy to tuck close to your body and train realistic strikes. Both styles use a flat striking surface.

K Muay Thai equipment usually uses black or brown as their main color. Accent colors will vary but typically include black, blue, burgundy, green, light blue, pink, orange, red, and yellow.

Above all, K Muay Thai Equipment prides themselves on quality over quantity.  These Thai pads last for years. You won’t find a better crafted kick pad on the market right now.

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Will you chose the double or single strap style? Let us know below & happy training!

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