K Brand Focus Mitts: A complete review

K Muay Thai Equipment is world renowned for their kick pads, but their focus mitts are just as amazing! In this post, we’re going to walk through the craftsmanship, materials, sizes, shapes, and design of the K brand focus mitts. 

All equipment that K brand makes uses the highest quality of Thai leather. 

This manufacturer specializes in leather, and uses it for the complete construction of their equipment. There are no synthetic pieces, no exceptions; nothing but the real deal.

K punch pads use genuine leather, manipulating and finishing the same material in two different ways to serve different purposes. The striking surface and wrist strap uses a classic, full grain leather. It is minimally finished to preserve the fabric’s rugged durability.

The hand compartment uses top grain leather. It is more smooth, supple and flexible than full grain leather; a perfect choice for that allows the glove compartment to be broken in. This lets a variety of hand sizes and shapes to really personalize their punch mitts. 

Similar to the K muay thai pads, all of the cutting and stitching on these focus mitts are done by hand. Each finger is individually cut and carefully stitched together to form a versatile hand compartment. This design comfortably accommodates a wide variety of hand shapes and sizes. The finger tips are open giving longer hands plenty of room.  High stress points of the glove mitt are exceptionally stitched, like around the cuff and in between the fingers. This allows trainers with larger hands the reinforcement and durability necessary to really break the mitts in.


The K Focus Mitts come in 2 sizes, small and large. Both sizes use the same teardrop shape, rounded at the top and tapered towards the bottom. 

The small size punch pads measure 24 cm tall and 16 cm across at their widest point. They become more slender towards the bottom of the pads, ending at 9 cm wide. The small size measures 5.5 cm thick. A 6 cm circular target on their striking surface makes this size ideal for accuracy drills. 

The large focus pads measure 29 cm tall and 16 cm across. Same as the small pads, this striking surface also tapers to 9 cm at the bottom. The large pads are 8 cm thick. There is no accuracy target on the striking surface. This size pad is more popular for training combinations; slightly larger and thicker these offer more versatility than the smaller pads. The large K Focus Mitts are the perfect pads to work on power boxing shots while sliding in those Muay Thai elbows. 

K brand uses a unique strap and metal pin closure for reinforcement around the wrist. Similar to a leather belt, this closure is completely adjustable. The metal pin is super strong. It uses a button top shape design to keep the pin from sliding once inserted. This strap keeps the mitts from slipping while training without limiting your wrist range of motion. 

Just like the rest of their equipment,  K Muay Thai Equipment produces these punch mitts in small batches. We carry them in a variety of colors. Click here to check out our selection and buy a pair today!

K brand focus mitts are perfect for use with a K belly pad. Some elite trainers mix it up and use one Thai pad with one focus mitt for ultimate versatility. How will you use them?


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