K Brand Bag Glove Review

Do you incorporate bag gloves into your training regime? These old school style gloves are great for bag and pad work. Compared to boxing gloves, bag gloves give greater feedback on striking surfaces. They are an excellent tool for MMA or bare knuckle fighters, allowing you to strengthen and condition different muscles than when you wear boxing or Muay Thai style gloves. Ready to learn more about some of the top bag gloves to come out of Thailand? Read this article for a complete review of the K Brand Bag Glove. 

K Muay Thai Equipment is well known for their legendary kick pads. They are masters of leather Muay Thai manufactures, using keen attention to detail and exceptional materials. Their quality craftsmanship extends to all the gear they make. Here, we’ll take a closer look at the K Bag Gloves, their construction, materials, and sizing. 

K Muay Thai Bag Gloves use exceptional leather. 

These gloves are old school, traditional style bag mitts. They are available in 3 colors: black, red and blue, all with white stitching. A simple K Brand logo is on the back of the wrist. The bold “K” uses full grain, white leather. 

The entire glove construction uses great quality leather. Even the edges use black leather trim for finishing. There is no polyester piping used, only 100% genuine leather. 

The design of the glove keeps these pieces of leather as long as possible. This keeps  the natural fibers intact and preserves the material’s durability. The leather is expertly cut, double stitched and finished. 

While these gloves aren’t intended for sparring, the open thumb design allows you to make an optimal fist and gives flexibility for clinch type drills. The thumb uses 1 piece of cohesive leather, double stitched to the rest of the glove. It is completely without padding. As a word of caution, this open thumb feature can leave your thumb susceptible to injury with poor technique. Make a proper fist by folding your thumb overtop your index and middle finger, close to your finger nails.

The stitching on these gloves uses white thread. There are two lines of double stitching along the back of the glove. The tight stitching serves both functional and aesthetic purposes. Aesthetically, it adds a simple design element to an otherwise basic glove. Functionally, the stitching keeps the foam padding in place and prevents it from shifting with years of training.

The palm side of the wrist uses a strong piece of elastic. This type of closure is a non-adjustable/one size fits all, that makes for easy on and off during training. 


K Brand Bag Gloves use super soft padding. 

Inside these gloves uses a water resistant, nylon fabric lining. Generally, this glove design does not provide a lot of wrist support. This style has a bit of padding along the back of the wrist, with more padding extending up towards the fingers. Across the back of the glove, great padding is focused and distributed across the knuckle area. The entire glove is very malleable, with not a lot of rigid structure. There is a firm grip bar and strong seam underneath the fingertips, giving you something to really hold onto.

Sizing for K Brand Bag Gloves: 

We have these gloves available in 2 different sizes, medium and large. A medium glove measures 11cm wide across the grip bar, while the large pair measures 13cm wide. These gloves are lightweight. Each pair weighs around 500grams, or 250 per glove. 


In review K Brand Bag Glove is ideal for experienced fighters. These light weight gloves are perfect for training speed and precision on the bag and pads. These gloves are great tools to have in the arsenal, perfect for versatile training. They are made of top quality materials, by an expert manufacturer. K Brand makes some of the best bag gloves to come out of Thailand. 


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