Is Fairtex Syntek genuine or synthetic leather?

Fairtex Syntek real or synthetic leather?

Here’s a question we often get from customers : what’s the difference between genuine leather boxing gloves and synthetic leather boxing gloves? 


Genuine leather boxing gloves typically use cow hide or other animal leather for their exterior. Sourced in different grades, it’s finishing and processing impacts how it feels on the glove. If minimally processed and finished, leather is naturally durable yet supple. Processing and finishing allow for a wide variety of textures and colors.

Minimally finished leather can more readily absorb moisture. This can make it an easy breeding ground for bacteria. Constant moisture also degrades the leather, causing it to break down. So, genuine leather equipment needs to be thoroughly dried after every, single use. This also avoids discoloration and keeps your gloves looking good. Real leather needs to be conditioned on a regular basis. 

In this day and age, real leather boxing gloves are available in many colors. A prime example of a high quality, genuine leather glove available in a wide range of colors are the Windy BGVH Muay Thai Gloves – over 10 different colors in the same great quality leather. 


Synthetic leather is a microfiber fabric engineered to look and feel just like leather. It is typically lighter weight than natural leather, but has proven to be just as durable. Synthetic leather is water resistant, which makes it a low maintenance, easy to clean alternative to leather.  It’s engineered for maximum performance and doesn’t require regular conditioning like natural leather does. Synthetic leather also costs less and is an animal friendly option. 


So, what does this all mean when choosing Muay Thai equipment? 

A lot of it has to do with personal preference.  Genuine leather gloves give an unforgettable pop on the bag and pads. It’s also said that genuine leather can last longer than synthetic leather, but without proper TLC, this isn’t necessarily true. At a time where sanitizing gym equipment has become a top priority, it is important to have gear that can go that extra mile. Genuine leather fibers will break down quickly if disinfected and treated the same way as a microfiber fabric. 

Design, pattern, and color options are endless with microfiber fabric. If you’re looking for a special style, synthetic may be your best bet. 


What is Fairtex Syntek?

Syntek is Fairtex’s signature synthetic leather material. It’s engineered for top performance and is just as durable as the real deal. Fairtex uses this material for most of their heavy bags, along with a variety of striking pads and gloves. Larger striking pads use synthetic material to keep them lightweight as possible. 


Fairtex Products that use Genuine Leather:


Fairtex Products that use Syntek Leather:

Fairtex Syntek Leather Stamp


What do you look for when you’re buying Muay Thai Equipment? Easy to clean and lightweight Fairtex Syntek, or their traditional leather?  Let us know your preference in the comments.

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