How To Wash Muay Thai Shorts – Tips & Tricks

How to wash your Muay Thai Shorts

How to wash your Muay Thai shorts

Picture this, you’ve just copped a new pair of Thai boxing shorts from Nak Muay Wholesale. You’re happy with the price, the shipping timeline, and are pumped to get your first training session in wearing these new beauties. You hit the gym and go (a little bit) harder than usual with some newly infused Thai spirit. You get home feeling great, accomplished, those strikes you threw were fire. It’s time to fuel up and unpack your gym bag… about to throw your new shorts in the machine – but wait! You pause & think “How do I wash my Muay Thai Shorts?”

Check out this easy to follow guide on how to care for your Thai boxing shorts, with bonus tips for laundry in the humid Thai climate.

  1. Always read the manufacturer label – And most importantly, ask yourself do these instructions make sense? Sometimes the tags can
    Hand wash these for best glitter retention

    be mass produced. These simple instructions can lack the specificity needed to properly care for fancy Thai boxing shorts. “Wash with like colors & tumble dry on low” leaves room for error, friction and damage. Exercise common sense. If it looks too delicate to be rubbing up against  your jeans, zippers, and velcro in a mixed load of laundry, you’re probably right. If you’re worried about your shorts loosing some sparkle or vibrant color, err on the side of caution and hand wash them. See below for a list of design features you should absolutely be hand washing.

  2. Check your temperature & detergent – Unless you’re using a detergent specifically formulated for cold water, warm (not hot) water is ideal. Warm water helps most detergents activate the enzymes necessary for removing dirt, sweat, stains, and odors. Hot water can damage the fabric and decorations on your new Thai shorts. Stay away from bleach (obviously) and other harsh chemicals to avoid discoloration.
  3. Use a garment bag – While we don’t suggest throwing your new Thai shorts in a mixed load of laundry, we understand you don’t always have the time to commit to hand washing. If you must use a machine, we suggest turning your shorts inside out to protect the delicate details and putting them in a mesh laundry bag to prevent any unnecessary friction or rubbing during the cycle.
    Synthetic side panel with embroidery requires special attention
  4. Skip the dryer – The high temperatures in a drying machine can cause damage and discoloration to the fancy details on your new shorts. Always hang your shorts to dry – by the waist band is ideal since this place has the most reinforcement. If you don’t have a clothes line, you can put them on a clothes hanger along the shower rod. Get creative, anywhere can work. But keep in mind, if your space to hang clothing is in direct sunlight you will need to be careful about exposure. Extended periods of direct sun can cause discoloration and damage to the short materials. Combat this by turning your shorts inside out and checking on them frequently. Bring them inside as soon as they’re dry.

Can’t get your fight gear through the wash the same day? Or, already laundered your shorts and find they’re still smelly?

Here’s a laundry trick proven effective even in the Bangkok heat:

  1. Throw your sweaty shorts in a plastic bag and tie it up. If you can rinse them first, great. If not, don’t fret, the plastic bag will contain your sweaty mess.
  2. Put it in the freezer. Seriously. The subzero temperature kills bacteria, and bacteria growth is what causes the smell and odor to linger even after it’s been through the wash.
  3. Follow the instructions above on wash day. Shorts will take only a few minutes to thaw out if you’re using warm water.

This technique is cheap, easy, and effective for those not laundry days. Or, in the monsoon season when there are days of straight rain where nothing seems to fully dry out.

Torn on whether or not to hand wash your Muay Thai shorts?

Boon Red Chok Dee Shorts MT10
Hand wash to keep this trim looking sharp

Here’s a list of Muay Thai short design features that absolutely will NOT fare well in a washing machine:

Always, hand wash shorts with the embellishments like those listed above, or accept the fact that they will come out looking like they’ve lost a match. If yours are already looking pretty sad, we’ve got selection of affordable designs by top Thai brands like Top King, Nationman, Mongkol Thai Boxing, Twins, Fairtex, and Boon. Click here to see them all!

Whether you’re training twice a day or twice a week, it’s important to take good care of your gear. Proper care for your apparel will make sure you’re looking good and smelling fresh. We hope the tips above help you understand the best way to wash your Muay Thai shorts.



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