How to fill the Fairtex Water Heavy Bag 

How to fill Fairtex water heavy bag

How to fill the Fairtex Water Heavy Bag 

Fairtex is a well-known brand for Thai boxing equipment. They have been in the business for over 50 years and have a lot of experience in making quality fight gear. Their new water heavy bag is perfect for Muay Thai athletes of all levels. It’s easily installed at home or gym, making it easy to get a couple rounds in wherever your day takes you. This style heavy bag is also gentle on your joints; it won’t put too much impact on them like traditional style heavy bags can. Adjust this bag based on your preference, it’s easy to do by following the instructions below.

The Fairtex Water Heavy Bag comes empty (obviously) with a heavy duty rope and metal shackle to secure the bag. It also comes with a black hose attachment. Use this to get the perfect fit on any regular garden hose. The first step in filling your bag will be finding an appropriate place to hang it. Unlike other heavy bags that need to be filled before hanging, this style heavy bag needs to be hung first. Simply twist the metal screw to open the hook, attach the bag using the bolt. Tighten the screw by hand until it is secure. The ideal height for the Fairtex Water Heavy Bag depends on the user. Simply adjust the rope so the Fairtex logo is hanging just above your eye level when empty. 

Next, you will need some additional equipment: a flathead screwdriver and a hose. Find the black screw located just below the metal hook. Use the flat head screwdriver to twist and loosen the black screw. Once loose, use your fingers to remove it from the bag. Inside you will see a white colored plug. Carefully use the flat head screwdriver to pry this from the bag opening. Keep this close by and easily accessible because you will need it to close the bag once it is full of water. 

The heavy bag is now open and ready for water. Prepare the hose using the black attachment that came with the bag. Place this on the hose nozzle so it will fit perfectly into the bag valve. 

Fill Fairtex Water Heavy BagFill Fairtex Water Heavy Bag

While the water to the hose is still turned off, place the nozzle into the bag. Make sure it is a secure fit. Slowly turn on the water, while making sure the hose stays securely connected to the bag. 

You will know the heavy bag is full enough for use when there are no more wrinkles at the top. The more water you put in the bag, the heavier it will be. It will also be harder and provide more resistance on impact. Give it a try, you can always release some water if you’re looking for a softer impact, or top it up if it’s too soft. If you’ve got your ideal amount of water in the bag and its shape does not appear full, you can use a hand pump to add air to the top of it. Use the same nozzle as you attached to the hose for a perfect fit. 

Looking to move your water heavy bag? We suggest emptying it first. This will reduce the change of puncture from any sharp objects. It will, of course, also be easier to move (lighter weight and less awkward). Plus, it’s easy enough to fill back up afterwards. 

To drain your Fairtex Water Heavy Bag, first remove it from its hanging position. Place it on the ground, a smooth surface is ideal to prevent damage to the bag. Anywhere with a drain will work – you could use the gym showers, outside on grass, or in your home bathtub. Remove the black screw and white plug using the instructions above. Allow the bag to drain on its own. If you’re in a hurry, you could manually push the water out, similar to deflating an air mattress. If you’re going to store the bag, we suggest immediately putting the plug and screw back in so that you don’t lose them 😉 

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Already own a water punching bag? Share you expert tips for use in the comments below. 

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