How to Clean Muay Thai Equipment

How to Clean Muay Thai Equipment

Even with the great prices at Nak Muay Wholesale, Muay Thai gear can be an investment. Take some time to read this guide below and learn how to properly clean and care for your Muay Thai equipment.

While it’s easy to throw your gym clothes in the wash after every session, equipment needs a bit more TLC. Even your Thai Boxing Shorts need a bit more than the regular cycle. If you chose to machine wash these, we recommend putting them in a laundry bag while washing so that other rough surfaces (Velcro, zippers, etc) don’t damage their fancy detail. Also, skip the dryer – the high heat can damage certain designs and materials.

When it comes to your equipment: DO NOT WASH IT! Fabrics used for Muay Thai gear, both genuine and synthetic leather, and all the padding is not meant to be submerged in water. When excessive moisture gets trapped, it causes these materials to break down and disintegrate. It also causes bacteria growth and unwanted odor, so just please do not wash your gear like this!

The best way to care for your equipment is to let it air out. Do not leave it in your gym bag, take it out every time. Moisture from training is all over your gear. A dark, damp environment (like your gym bag) is exactly will what this bacteria needs to thrive and create a stinky odor. As soon as possible after training, take your gear out of your bag and at very least, let it air out!

Since COVID is still a major concern worldwide, we hope we don’t have to remind you to wash your hands.. but this is a proper start in minimizing bacteria before throwing your gear on. Hand wraps are great for absorbing moisture inside the gloves. Make sure you wash them after every use. Hang them to dry so the plastic Velcro stays safe from the high heat of a dryer.

Use an antibacterial wipe or spray on all surfaces (inside and out). Then, use a clean, dry cloth to wipe off as much extra moisture as you can. Leave the equipment to dry for as long as possible. For drying, just remember that ventilation is key. Undo all of the Velcro and fold it back so that the gloves and shins remain as open as possible. You stuff newspaper inside your gloves and shins to help hold its shape open. Don’t pack it too tight, the paper should be lightly crumpled so there’s still room for air to travel though. The newspaper will help absorb moisture, so check on it after a few hours and replace if it’s getting soggy.

Leather material can easily dry out. Alcohol in disinfecting solutions only accelerates this process. Dry leather is more susceptible to cracks and damage. For this reason, leather equipment should be conditioned on a regular basis. Just a few drops of commercial leather conditioner buffed into the outside surfaces will restore the moisture. Make sure you use a clean cloth to remove any extra before setting your gear up to dry.

If your Muay Thai equipment is dry, and still stinky, you can try neutralize the odor with a sprinkle of baking soda. After a few hours, just tap the excess powder. You can also use a small vacuum attachment to get it all out. You can also shove a dryer sheet or clean sock filled with cedar chips inside your gloves. All of these will help freshen the scent, baking soda and cedar chips will help to minimize the odor causing bacteria but the dryer sheet will just mask the stench.

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