How To Care For Your Punching Bag

how to care for your boxing heavy bag

Care For Your Punching Bag

No combat sports gym is complete without a heavy bag. This iconic piece of hardware can be found hanging from the ceilings of upscale gyms to the beams of slum dwellings. From the ghettos of Mexico City to the legendary gyms of Bangkok, the heavy bag is as ubiquitous as it is essential.

The Western punching bag is pretty uniform in shape and size. But due to the complexity of strikes in Thai boxing, heavy bag innovation has been most pronounced in Thailand. The Thais have such a wide variety of heavy bags, it can be overwhelming.

When you put all that heavy bag diversity into a hot humid climate, where many if not most gyms are open-air? You’ve got yourself a high maintenance situation! Not only will your bag take a hell of a beating, it will have to contend with sweat, dust and liniment. Also, depending on your location, your punch bags may have to face extreme temperatures. 

Therefore, if you want to prolong the lifespan of your heavy bags, you are going to have to care for them in the correct way. Read on to find out the best punching bag maintenance tips…

A Note On Filling Your Punching Bag:

When you buy a heavy bag from Nak Muay Wholesale, it will not arrive full and ready to hang. It will be empty and you will have to fill it yourself. An important factor for heavy bag longevity, is how you fill it. Do not to fill it with the wrong material or overfill it. To find out How To Fill A Muay Thai Heavy Bag, click here.

Once you know how to fill your bag, you need to know how to maintain it. 

During the COVID19 pandemic, many gyms were using antibacterial sprays, bleach and alcohol rubs on their heavy bags. This ruins the surface of the bag, regardless of the material it is made out of. Do not use harsh cleaning products on your equipment, EVER! We recommend using a home made bag and glove cleaning solution.

How To Make Homemade Bag & Glove Cleaning Spray:

First buy an empty spray bottle. Add half a cap of fabric conditioner for that fresh scent. A dash, and we do mean a dash of rice vinegar (do not use malt or wine vinegar) to kill bacteria. Now fill up the rest of the bottle with water from the faucet. Now you have your own equipment friendly cleaning solution, you are all set to apply our tips to maintain your heavy bag.

The first thing to ascertain is the material your Muay Thai Heavy Bag is made of – genuine leather or synthetic material.

Leather Heavy Bag Care: 

A common question is, how do I take care of my leather heavy bag? If you have a leather punch bag it requires a little extra attention than a bag made from synthetic material. Leather is a hardy material with surprisingly good water resistant capacity. But it is not waterproof. In the end, it is usually moisture which will be the downfall of your leather equipment.

If you want to get the most out of your leather kit, you must take the correct measures. The best thing you can do to keep the leather healthy, is to spray with your homemade solution and wipe your heavy bag dry. This should preferably be done at the end of each session. But more realistically, spray and dry your bags at the end of the day. Additionally, we recommend using leather conditioner every couple of months. An alternative to this is to ask your cut man for some Vaseline, apply it to the leather, leave for a few hours then buff to a shine. If you are diligent in the maintenance of your leather equipment, you should get years of quality time out of it.

Microfiber/Synthetic Leather Punching Bag Care:Punching Bags for Muay Thai Gym

Synthetic materials, like Fairtex’s signature Syntek, are generally much easier to maintain than genuine leather. Although these materials are usually water resistant, you still cannot neglect them. You still need to spray with homemade spray and wipe dry at the end of the day.  Apply a Vaseline buff once every two months. Keep on top of your bag maintenance and your equipment will serve you well.

Adjust Your Punching Bag as Needed:

Once you’ve hung your bag and used it for a significant amount of time, you will find gravity takes its toll. The filling will pack down hard and you may find it tough on your shins and hands. You may find you want a bit more or less weight. To adjust the weight and avoid your heavy bag feeling like it’s fill of concrete. Be prepared to take it down, unpack and re-stuff when needed. For more information regarding heavy bag recommended weights and packing techniques. Check back with our handy How to Fill a Muay Thai Heavy Bag guide.

A Note on Chains for Boxing Bags:

You only need to spray and wipe dry the body of the heavy bag. The parts which come into contact with sweat and liniment. Don’t spray and wipe the chains and make sure the chains are not tangled.

Avoid Direct Sunshine:

Finally, if your gym is alfresco, make sure you do not hang your bags in direct sunlight. This will bake, dry out and crack the surface of your bags, regardless of the material they are made from.

Final Thoughts On Boxing Bag Care:

The punching bag is essential combat sports kit. You need to look after this piece of equipment properly. It is large, heavy and probably takes more punishment that any other piece of equipment in the gym. So, make sure you follow these tips to best take care of your heavy bag.

Always spray and wipe dry after using. Do not use bleach, alcohol rubs or Mr Muscle! Use your homemade glove and bag cleaning spray. Additionally, if it is leather use leather conditioner or a Vaseline buff, once every two months. Be prepared to take your bag down, unpack and re-stuff when required. Do not hang in direct sunlight. Keep the chains dry and avoid tangles. If you are diligent about bag maintenance, your equipment will serve you well. 

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