Guide to Premium Equipment for Younger Fighters

Nak Muay Wholesale premium equipment guide for younger fighters

Guide to Premium Equipment for Younger Fighters

When it comes to combat-sports, Karate and Taekwondo have long had the enthusiasm of both children and parents. However, with the rise of MMA and popularity of One Championship, the superior effectiveness of Muay Thai has gone global. Bursting the mystical bubble of most traditional martial arts, drawing a surge of interest towards Muay Thai training for children.

In Thailand, Muay Thai has always been a popular way for impoverished children to pull their families out of poverty. Still, for most Westerners, the idea of small children fighting is unpalatable. But it is important to remember that there’s a difference between the way we train and the way we compete. We learn and train in a controlled environment, wearing the best safety equipment. When we complete the training wheels are off! It’s then full-contact, with minimal safety equipment until victory or defeat.

So when considering whether Muay Thai is right for your child. Remember most of the risks involved with fighting are minimized at the student level. Especially for youngsters wearing quality Muay Thai gear for kids. 

The Benefits of Muay Thai for Children:

Muay Thai young is beneficial for a child’s mind, body and development. The sport’s impact-based training strengthens children’s bones, promotes overall fitness, strength, flexibility, and coordination. Training improves cardiovascular health, developing muscle tone, and enhancing agility. Fostering discipline, self-control, and self-confidence. Instilling a sense of respect and perseverance. Teaching focus and determination while boosting self-esteem. Additionally, it provides an outlet for stress, enhances social skills and teaches essential life skills such as goal-setting and problem-solving. Not to mention the ability for your child to defend themselves.

The list of benefits are long and impressive but safety should still be a consideration. For that, you need top-notch, kids’ Muay Thai training equipment for a successful and secure Muay Thai experience.

Essential Thai Boxing Equipment for Kids:

Fairtex PV1 Protective Vest:Red Fairtex PV1 protective body vest for kick boxing and muay thai

The Fairtex PV1 Protective Vest is a high-grade torso protector. Made for amateur competition and sparring, the Fairtex PV1 comes in all sizes including a child specific size. This is most popular with children practicing or competing in combat sports such as Muay Thai or Taekwondo. It’s built with Fairtex’s first-rate synthetic leather product, Syntek.

With two layers of padding the PV1 provides robust shock absorbency. The foam layers are strategically placed to protect vital areas like the chest, abdomen, and ribs. Inside, it has a water resistant nylon lining which, combined with the Syntek, makes it easy to maintain.

What makes the Fairtex PV1 reliably popular with mini Nak Muay is its child specific size also has adjustable straps. Allowing for micro-adjustments to ensure a snug fit for each individual child. Finally, the use of Syntek instead of leather keeps the PV1, lightweight, enabling freedom of movement.


  1. High-grade protection
  2. Durability
  3. Child specific size
  4. Adjustable straps
  5. Lightweight design


  1. Limited colours

Fairtex SP7 Shin Pads: Fairtex-SP7-Blue-Shinguards

The Fairtex SP7 shin guards are a popular option for children. Whilst not made specifically for kids, the foot and shin protector are bound together with velcro. This means that their length may be adjusted to accommodate the smaller shins of children. The Nak Muay can adjust the foot protector 180 degrees up or down, left to right. This offers maximum mobility and comfort. The foot protector can also be taken-off and the shin pad worn alone, which reduces the size even more. They have a double strap Velcro fastening system which allows for all calf sizes. The SP7 is also made from Syntek synthetic leather keeping them lightweight and easy to clean. With chunky, resilient padding, strategically placed to protect the most sensitive part of the shin. This added coverage is beneficial for ‘gun shy’ kids engaging in tentative sparring sessions.


  1. High-quality construction
  2. Syntek synthetic leather
  3. Excellent protection and shock absorption
  4. Velcro straps allowing for easy adjustments and a snug fit
  5. Lightweight
  6. Suitable to accommodate child leg sizes


  1. Not made specifically for kids so measure up before you order



Fairtex Curved Kick Pads Small KPLC1 Fairtex KPLC1 Curved Kick Pads Small Size, Leather

If you are a parent who wants more involvement, this is your chance to participate. These Fairtex Small Thai Pads are an excellent choice for parents looking to take part. Engaging with your aspiring Nak Muay kids by learning to hold pads is an excellent decision. Not only will you be helping your mini Buakaw improve! You’ll also be improving your own hand to eye coordination and learning a new sport specific skill. Plus – getting some valuable time to engage with your little one. Something all too rare in this age of screen time and devices.

The Fairtex KPLC1 kick pads are specifically made for performance and safety during training sessions. The curve on the striking pad, creates a comfortable ergonomic fit, making them lock onto the holder’s forearm securely. They are made from high-quality cowhide leather, ensuring durability and longevity. The padding offers ample cushioning to absorb impact and protect both the holder and the striker.


  1. Small making them great for kids
  2. Optimal performance and safety
  3. Pad has a curve
  4. High-grade cowhide leather
  5. Sturdy padding


  1. The small size may not be suitable for larger individuals
  2. May require some practice to get used to holding pads effectively


Kids’ Muay Thai Equipment Guide:

Muay Thai training for children offers numerous physical and mental benefits. Including strength, flexibility, coordination, cardiovascular health, discipline, and self-confidence. To ensure a safe experience, equipping kids with the right safety equipment, is crucial.

Fairtex’s PV1 Protective Vest offers comprehensive protection, durability, and a customizable fit. The Fairtex SP7 shin guards provide high-quality construction, superior protection, and comfort for children with different leg sizes. The KPLC1 Curved Kick Pad model from  offers optimal performance, safety, and a comfortable fit for parent-child engagement.

By prioritizing safety and using the appropriate gear, parents can support their children’s Muay Thai journey and minimize the risk of injuries.



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