Get to know the brand: Top King Boxing

Get to know the brand top king boxing (1)

Top King Boxing made its debut as a fight gear brand  in 2009. The founder’s experience may be linked to the brand’s rapid journey to success. He abandoned leadership at another well known Thai brand, to launch his own Muay Thai empire. Top King Boxing continues to excel with an innovative business strategy, eye-catching designs and proven craftsmanship. It’s no wonder their boxing gloves, shinguards, and Muay Thai gear are popular in gyms worldwide. 

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Top King Boxing Gloves 

Top King has several styles of boxing gloves, all with beautiful designs and prints. A narrow hand compartment and superior wrist protection set this brand apart from the rest. Their original Super Air Boxing Gloves are always a popular choice, their clima-cool technology provides ample ventilation during and between training. 

With lots of flashy designs and some solid color classics to choose from, Top King truly has gloves for everyone.You can read more details about the different style of gloves in this article. 

Top King Shinguards

A unique yet ergonomic design makes Top King shinguards stand alone from the other Thai manufacturers. They use some of the same features, high density foam padding, two velcro straps and an elasticated instep, as the others but Top King Boxing puts these together in a completely different way. You can read more about their specific design, composition and sizing in this article. Or, use this link to see a detailed comparison of Top King, Fairtex, and Twins Special shinguards. 

Top King Gear for Muay Thai 

More than just boxing gloves and shinguards, TopKing manufacturers everything else a fighter or trainer could need. We carry a variety of their striking pads, focus mitts, and belly pad, along with their famous Muay Thai shorts. Top King Muay Thai Shorts

Top King’s Thai boxing shorts are top of the line. They use a healthy mix of traditional Muay Thai and modern designs. Vibrant colors paired with detailed patch work and expert craftsmanship – you really cannot go wrong with a pair of these!

The Top King Extreme Focus Mitts are another staple. These pads are a perfect cross between boxing punch mitts and Thai kick pads – in both size and shape. This blend makes them ideal for training combinations and also suitable for working with a variety of athlete levels. Another innovative design from Top King that helps bring out the best of your training sessions. Their original designs bring their other gear, like sauna suits and gym bags, to the next level. 

The Top King company has been able to establish themselves as a reputable brand in the industry because of their commitment to excellence and innovation. They have been able to create products that are not only high quality but also affordable for those who want to get into Muay Thai or those who have been doing it for years. Forward thinking at Top King Boxing keeps this Muay Thai brand in a striking position. It’s no wonder they remain popular with Nak Muay’s worldwide. 

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