Get Creative with Striking Pads for Muay Thai

Striking Pads for Muay Thai

Get Creative with Striking Pads for Muay Thai: Speed, Power And The Delivery System

There is a lot to consider when sharpening Muay Thai skills. Not all strikes are made equal and not all striking pads serve the same purpose. Are you honing that lightning fast jab or working on that powerful, fight ending leg kick? If its the jab you are seeking to perfect you are best opting for focus mitts. If it’s the nuclear head kick you want to refine, then break out the Thai pads. But what if you want to practice both? 

Good striking is about combinations; combining fast strikes with slower heavier strikes and everything in between. Every knockout blow needs a delivery system! That delivery system is often a range finding or vision interrupting shot, not a power strike. So it goes without saying, an intelligently chosen mix of striking pads, can really enhance your progress.

So, it goes without saying that knowledge on how best to use your equipment is invaluable. This can be as easy as learning what the different types of striking pads are best for.

Our handy guide to striking pads will help you brainstorm creative ways to mix and use your equipment to get more bang for your buck!

Thai Pads:

Kick pads are the number one piece of kit in the Muay Thai trainer’s arsenal. These brick like monsters are for the big guns. Head kicks, body kicks, knees, elbows and power punches. Their size, weight and thickness lend themselves to practicing the measured, well timed bomb. What they make up for in rugged durability, they lack in refinement. If you want to fine tune that lightning fast jab, Thai pads lack the subtlety needed. For that, you need a smaller lighter striking pad for best results!

Focus Mitts:

Which brings us nicely onto the Western boxing focus mitt. Smaller and lighter than the Muay Thai kick pad, punch mitts are best for sharpening your hands. Whereas the Thai pad is great for power, the Western boxing focus mitt balances speed, accuracy and power. Want to fluctuate between the stiff jab, range finding jab and that knockout overhand right? These should be your go to kit. But the Western focus mitt is not cut out for catching kicks. Therefore it’s easy to see how the focus mitt and Thai pad, compliment one another, when used together.

Belly Pads and Trainers Vests:

These are the body snatchers friend. These are perfect tools for fine tuning that nuclear teep, shovel hook, knee or body kick. Like the Thai pad, the thickness of the average belly pad or trainers vest, lends itself to digging deep for that well timed power shot! This striking pad wraps around your waist like a belt, leaving your hands free to hold other equipment. As such, they are perfect for advanced, mixed pad striking sessions.

Thigh Pads:

These are designed specifically for the Thai leg kick. These kick pads wrap around the thighs, leaving the hands free to hold other equipment. They offer maximum protection and mobility for the coach. A quality pair of thigh pads will add another dimension to your pad work. If you really want to create an advanced striking session, thigh pads are indispensable. By freeing up your hands they allow you to add a nice dose of complexity and depth to your work.

Muay Thai Combinations:

Now that you have an overview of the main types of striking pad, you can get creative. Think laterally and combine your equipment in more practical ways to take your mitt work to the next level. Use a focus mitt on one hand for that whip of a jab and a Thai pad on the right hand for that thudding leg kick. Add the belly and thigh pads and the dimensions of your pad work just got a lot deeper and wider.

 Already using a mixture of pads to enhance your training? Let us know your favorite combination in the comments below.

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