Genuine Leather Muay Thai Shin Guards: Top 4 Picks

Black, leather Top King Shin pads inbetween a pair of blue, leather Twins Sgl10 shin pads and red, leather Mongkol Thai Boxing shin guards

Top 4 Genuine Leather Muay Thai Shin Guards

In the past, most high level Muay Thai shinguards were made out of leather. High quality synthetic alternatives just didn’t exist. Today there are lots of impressive vegan leather options, but real leather shin guards are still highly prized. From Boon’s cowhide shin guards to Twins leather shin guards, when it comes to top-notch, genuine leather shin guards Thailand’s boxing equipment manufacturers have got you covered.

So if you want to know about the best leather Muay Thai shin guards, it’ll be well worth your while taking a look at our Top 4.

Read on to find out our recommendations.

(All of our picks are made with a high grain leather, ensuring maximum quality and durability.)

4 Mongkol Thai Boxing Shin Guards SGM01

Mongkol is a relative newcomer to the Thai boxing equipment market place. But already Mongkol is vying for a market leading position, by making some impressive equipment. Their Thai Boxing Shin Guards are a great example of Mongkol’s manufacturing and design prowess. These are made in Thailand out of high quality genuine leather with a premium finish. These double padded shin guards are just what you need to practice that leg kick clinic in relative comfort. Mongkol’s Genuine Leather Thai Boxing Shin Guards are perfect for the Nak Muay with chunky calves and wider feet because they do not use a metal loop. The velrco on these open up completely, giving you more flexibility on sizing. You can find out more about their design in this article.  Mongkol have combined great shin protection and beautiful leather, to create some aesthetically pleasing and durable equipment for you.

Mongkol Thai Boxing Shinguards WhiteMongkol Thai Boxing Shinguards RedMongkol Thai Boxing Shinguards Yellow

3 Boon Shin Guards

Boon has cut their teeth by creating and supplying classy leather Muay Thai equipment, using only the highest quality cowhide. Top notch leather Thai boxing equipment is Boon’s calling card and their shin guards are one of their most popular products. Their Boon brown colour is a customer favourite and compliments the quality of the leather nicely. These are triple padded for the most grueling and rugged gym wars. Boon Shin Guards are a go to product for serious Nak Muay who prefers real leather equipment.

Much like Mongkol’s design, the double velcro opening on Boon’s Muay Thai shin pads makes them an excellent choice for wide calves and feet. You can read more about their craftsmanship and design in this detailed product review. No leather shin guard list, would be complete without an appearance from Boon Sport.

2 Twins Leather Shin Guards SGL-10

Twins Thailand remains one of the leading Muay Thai equipment manufacturers in the world today. Extremely popular with the practitioners of a whole host of combat sports. Like Fairtex, Twins transcends Muay Thai to serve the wider combat sports community. One of the most popular leather Muay Thai shin guards on the market today, is the Twins SGL-10 leather shin pad. These real leather shin-guards are a hardy perennial of MMA practitioners and Nak Muay alike. You will see these leather beauties in combat sports gyms from Bangkok to London. Slim cut and sturdy, using high density foam, they offer great support during hard training sessions and are perfect for people with slimmer, longer calves. You cannot go wrong with Twins Leather Shin Guards in your gym bag. Get more info on the Twins SGL10 shin pads in this article.

Twins Special Shin Pads SGL REDTwins Special Shin Pads SGL BLUETwins Sgl10 black shin guard

1 Top King Shin Guards “Pro” Genuine Leather TKSGP-GL

So we come to the Number 1 Genuine Leather Shin Guard! According to our expert opinion…it is the Top King “Pro” Genuine Leather Shin Guard.

Hand made in Thailand using high grade, premium quality, real leather. These chunky, tank like shin protectors look and feel impenetrable. Do yourself a favour and look after your shins with a pair of these shin guards. This model offers shin and instep protection with stacked, strategically distributed high quality latex foam. They are perfect for fine tuning that devastating, Liam Harrison style low-kick, without crippling yourself. Top King’s Leather Shin Guards are ‘top of the food chain’ kit for your arsenal.

Due to their cleverly crafted and strategically placed padding they offer some of the best shin protection on the market. Although, the thickness of Top King’s padding reduces the spaciousness of the interior of these shin guards. Which means, they may be more cramped for people with thicker thighs. These are best for people with narrower calves. Nevertheless, Top King’s “Pro” Leather Shin-guards are worthy of the Number One spot in our Top Genuine Leather Shin Guard countdown. Click here to get more information from our detailed product review. 

Top King Shin Guards “Pro” Genuine Leather redTop King Shin Guards “Pro” Genuine Leather blue   Top King Shinguards Black Leather


Final Remarks on our picks for the Top Genuine Leather Muay Thai Shin Guards:

Despite the prevalence of high quality leather alternatives, real leather is still one of the best and most popular materials for professional boxing equipment. If you want a pair of high-grade shin-guards, look no further than our Top 4 Genuine Leather Muay Thai Shin Guards.

Including our:

#4 – Mongkol’s impressive SGM01 Shin Guard, (perfect for the wider calf).

#3- The Boon Shin Guard, a watchword in top-notch leather Muay Thai kit, (perfect for wider calves).

#2 – Twins highly popular SGL-10, (perfect for narrower calves).

And finally….

Our #1 – Top King’s “Pro” Leather Shin Guards are ‘top of the food chain’ professional kit, (perfect for narrower calves)


What’s your top pick when it comes to leather shin pads? Let us know in the comments below if your favorite made the our list.

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