Top 3: Genuine Leather Boxing Gloves for Muay Thai 

top 3 genuine leather boxing gloves for muay thai
Top 3 Genuine Leather Boxing Gloves for Muay Thai
Until very recently, all quality boxing gloves were made out of leather. There wasn’t an aesthetically pleasing and hard wearing synthetic alternative. Today we have plenty of tactile, synthetic leathers and tough microfibre options to choose from but leather is still king. The flagship gloves of the best boxing equipment manufacturers are invariably made out of leather. And while you’re absolutely spoilt for choice, some models and brands are obviously superior. We’ve done the research so you don’t have to. If you’re looking for a high quality leather Muay Thai boxing glove, take a look at our top 3 recommendations.
A note on leather:
Despite the reliability, toughness and aesthetically pleasing qualities of leather, not all leathers are made equal. There are different types of leather, from buffalo to cowhide. Different leathers have a wide diversity of grades, grains, textures and finishes. Full grain cowhide leather is considered the best type of leather by expert leatherworkers. All of our top 3 picks are made out of high grained cowhide leathers.
There is an industry standard for the thickness of the material used in real leather boxing gloves – it’s between 0.5mm and 1mm. Gloves that use a 0.5mm thickness may be less durable. Whereas 1mm thickness is the standard for professional boxing gloves. Such gloves will be the most durable, like our picks for top 3.
And while leather is quite durable, it does require a little extra TLC. Learn how to clean real leather boxing gloves with our glove care guide – click here. So lets get down to business..

Here are our Top 3 Genuine Leather Boxing Gloves for Muay Thai:

3. Mongkol Thai Boxing Gloves

These gloves are handmade in Thailand out of top grade cowhide leather. The leather Mongkol uses is at least 1mm thick, making the leather in these gloves durable and reliable. To the touch, the leather used in Mongkol’s Muay Thai boxing gloves, is flawless and pliable but clearly strong enough for the perils of the boxing gym. The leather is finished in a variety of bright colors, each literally pops under the lights. These beautiful leather gloves truly deserve  to be in the Top 3
We’ve done a complete product review the Mongkol Thai Boxing Gloves, so click this link if you’re looking for more information on this glove. 

Mongkol brand Thai Boxing Gloves BGM01 Red

2. Boon Classic Boxing Gloves

When it comes to leather Muay Thai gloves, Boon Classic Boxing Gloves are a real Nak Muay favourite.  Possibly the most popular glove with people looking specifically, for a leather glove, made by a Thai brand. Also handmade in Thailand, with the highest quality leather. The leather used by Boon, in their classic gloves will be at least 1mm thick. Therefore, it goes without saying that Boon has a well earned reputation for durability. To the touch the leather in Boon gloves feels luxurious and hard wearing. The leather finish on Boon’s flagship glove is a kind of halfway house between matte and gloss which looks fantastic, especially with their natural brown leather option. Boon classic gloves deserve their place on the list based on popularity alone.
Looking for even more details on these Boon gloves? Click here for our full review.
Boon Classic Boxing Gloves Brown Leather Muay Thai Gloves

1. Fairtex Legacy Boxing Gloves

Topping the charts is the Fairtex Legacy Boxing Glove. Fairtex has a solid reputation for making serious equipment with fantastic aesthetically appealing designs. The reason why their Legacy gloves are our favourite leather gloves, is twofold.
First, when the Fairtex design team brainstormed these gloves, they clearly decided to make the leather a standout feature, rather than just the material of choice. The quality on these is second to none.
Secondly, the matte finish of the leather is a very rare design feature and it’s been implemented flawlessly. Very few other boxing glove manufacturers have a matte leather glove in their range. But, Fairtex bucked the trend and pulled it off in style! To the touch, the leather has a satisfying, silky sensation that is extremely tactile. It goes without saying that Fairtex earned their spot at number 1 with their outstanding BGV21 glove design.
Click here where we discuss even more details on this top tier glove.
Fairtex Legacy Boxing Gloves BGV21
There really is nothing better than putting on a pair of top notch 16oz leather boxing gloves and heading into battle. And we think you’ll agree, few others are designed like the ones we have recommended here.
Have a different #1 leather boxing glove on your list? Let us know your top pick in the comments below 🙏

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