Top King VS Fairtex – Focus Mitts Comparison

Focus Mitt Comparison_ Fairtex vs Top King Boxing

Top King Super Focus Mitts vs Fairtex FMV9 Contoured Focus Mitts Comparison

Buying a top-notch pair of focus mitts should be on every trainer’s list. Even if you are not a coach or a trainer, having some striking pads in your kit will always be an asset. Quality mitts are not only important to the holder but the striker. And for that reason, many professional fighters have their own striking pads. Hitting the cheap ones left lying around the ring, is no fun. You want to protect your hands and have the best possible mitt-work experience possible. Which often means bringing your own focus pads to the party.

Unsure of which punch mitts to buy? There are a lot of different options out there but here we are taking a look at two specific models from two different brands.

This is a head to head between two of the best focus mitts on the market — both Thai made and both elite standard punch pads. When it comes to comparing two different pieces of professional equipment, the margins of variance will be slim. Which is why the only way to truly compare them is to road-test them. Preferably back to back, multiple times with an elite fighter. We have done just that for you, and had a great time doing it! Read on to see the results of our focus mitt battle!

Meet the contestants:

Top King “Super” Focus Mitts TKFMS

Top King’s ultra chunky, Super Focus Mitts use a combination of leather and microfiber materials. They are designed for maximum comfort and minimum impact for the trainer.  Contoured to compliment the holders anatomy, these make a welcoming target for crisp punches. If you want to minimize pain from mitt holding and grant the striker a great experience, these punch pads are for you.

How do the Top King Focus Mitts Super measure up?

Weight – approximately 0.36 kg per mitt
Height – 22.8 cm
Width – 17.8 cm
Depth – 8.9 cm

You can read more information about the Top King Super Focus Mitts here, in a detailed product review.

Fairtex Ultimate Contoured Focus Mitts FMV9

Fairtex’s pure leather Ultimate Contoured Focus Mitts, are designed for precision striking and maximum feedback for both striker and holder. Contoured in just the right place to be cradled by the curvature of the wrist and catch the perfect shot. These are the mitts you need if you are working on accuracy and wish to really feel the shots as you catch them.

How do the Fairtex FMV9 Focus Mitts measure up?

Weight – approximately 0.36 kg per mitt
Height – 24 cm
Width – 19.5 cm
Depth –  7.6

Find more information in this detailed review about the Fairtex FMV9 Focus Mitts.

To test these mitts, we used them both with a professional boxer, back to back, alternating for 8 rounds.


Fairtex vs. Top King Focus Mitts : How did they hold up?

Like a well designed gun, the “Super” Top King punch mitts have a kind of masculine appeal. These look exactly like what they’re intended for, a tool for warriors. These have a  classic boxing equipment appeal with bold branding and a hint of Thai style. From the moment the mitts are worn on the hands, they feel great. They perform exceptionally well, leaving the pad holders forearms unscathed. Their shock absorbing properties are uncanny. Round after round they eat shots, as the depth of the layered padding and the specialized wedge of wrist padding cushion the blows. By the end of the test, both holder and fighter were extremely satisfied with these classy Top King focus mitts.

The glossy Fairtex mitts look and feel Spartan compared to the beefy and luxuriant Top King mitts. The Fairtex punch pads feel almost too dense and unforgiving after the TKFMS. The holder is unsure if they belong in the same ring as the Top King mitts!

The shiny leather pops under the gym lights and they have the satisfying smell of a new high-quality leather product. The hand slides across the slick leather into the hand capsule and it feels great. The Fairtex mitts have a slightly deeper contour than the Top King pads. This extra degree to the angle makes the mitt almost mould to the curve of the holder’s wrist —  like an extension of the holder’s arm.

The performance of the Fairtex mitts was astonishing.

Sharp, taught and finely tuned. Both fighter and mitt holder experienced a really high level of quality feedback. The ability to feel, not only the satisfying pop of the punch but the accuracy of the strike was what really set these apart from the Top King pads. This feedback allowed the striker and holder greater flexibility to control power and resistance for maximum skill and versatility. There is almost nothing we didn’t like about the Fairtex mitts once they got put to work. These FMV9 mitts are an elite product, without a doubt.

We had two extremely worthy competitors for this competition. It was a fair fight and we have a clear winner. The Fairtex Ultimate Contoured Focus Mitts FMV9.

The Decision:

Runner up – Top King Super Focus Mitts TKFMS:

Better looking
More support
The holder feels minimal impact


Winner! – Fairtex Ultimate Contoured Focus Mitts FMV9:

Tighter, crisper and sharper under fire
Better feedback for striker and holder
More angle on the contour
Slightly more ergonomically correct
Pure leather finish


Whilst the Top King are better looking, slightly more comfortable and protected the holder from most of the impact! The Fairtex FMV9 delivered a better experience on both sides of the mitt. In a funny way, it is the Top King’s shock absorbing capabilities that put them at a disadvantage. The seemingly unforgiving firmness of the Fairtex mitts made them feel well-oiled, responsive, efficient and finely-honed in the ring. We recommend both mitts highly but the Champ of the Top King vs Fairtex focus mitts  comparison is the Fairtex Ultimate Contoured Focus Mitts!

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