Fairtex Vinyl Sweat Suit Review : Engineered for Top Performance

Fairtex Vinyl Sweat Suit Review

Fairtex just dropped a hot new color for their sauna suit. This is the perfect time to go over the features for their VS2 model. Read below for a full product review on the Fairtex Vinyl Sweat Suit, including sizing recommendations and new colors available. 

Lightweight Fabric

This Fairtex Sauna Suit uses a much lighter weight fabric than the Twins’s heavy duty sauna suit (read more here). Still, it’s a vinyl material that effectively traps and contains heat.  The suit is mostly made of this material, with panels of spandex, stretch material strategically put under the arms and between the legs. The stretch material is heavy duty (thicker than yoga pants) and super soft. So, you don’t need to worry about seams rubbing you the wrong way in those sensitive spots. This design feature not only helps with comfort but also with movement. The Fairtex sweat suit moves with you while you train. 

This vinyl material folds nicely. This makes it easier to store in your gym bag because it won’t take up a ton of space. As with all Fairtex products, this is expertly finished. It’s seams are reinforced with double stitching and there is fabric overhang to prevent fraying or pulling. This fabric is so versatile that the extra bit used for this feature (and pockets) adds no bulk or extra weight. 

Another bonus about this material is that it doesn’t have that plasticy, garbage bag feel that other suits do. It’s an engineered fabric that has a more textured feel to it. This makes the exterior a bit more durable and less susceptible to tearing and punctures than other vinyl sweat suits. 

Sleek Design

If you’ve ever been bothered by a sauna suit jacket’s waist band (riding up to a tummy top while training?), then this suit is for you. It offers a much more tailored fit than other brands on the market. The front and back of the jacket have a flat seam with no elastic. Small panels of elastic are strategically used on each side, effectively keeping the jacket snug to your body to trap heat. This also gives a more tailored fit and flattering silhouette, if that is important to you.

Fairtex’s signature logo is across the front of the jacket, done as a high quality heat transfer for long lasting durability. Writing across the front of the jacket is done in a cloudy grey color, with high gloss finish and sharp edges. On the back of the jacket, just between the shoulder blades, is Fairtex’s red star logo with white printing. This star logo is also used on the leg of the suit. 

A short collar on this jacket helps to keep a snug fit around your neckline. It has curved edges so nothing digs into your neck. The front zipper is heavy duty, plastic with rounded edges so it won’t bite your skin or other fabrics. 

There are 2 small zipper pockets with fine metal teeth to offer a secure hold on your belongings. Inside the pocket is the same material as the outside of the suit, so these pockets are just as durable as the exterior. 

Sizing & Colors

This suit is available in adult size small through extra large. It is available in black, and a new blue color. Both pieces in the set will be the same size and color (for example, small black pants come with a small black jacket).

Fairtex has provided the following size chart for estimating your best fit. Please compare your measurements to those provided below, noting that this guide is only an estimate and cannot account for individual preferences. 

Size Chest Waist Leg Length
S 34”-36” 26”-28” 39”
M 38”-40” 29”-31” 40”
L 42”-44” 32”-34” 41”
XL 46”-48” 35”-37” 42”

Overall, this suit is engineered for top performance. It’s durable material and construction offers  the very best support while training. Buy your Fairtex Vinyl Sweat Suit at Nak Muay Wholesale.

Already own this suit? Did we miss something in review of the Fairtex Vinyl Sweat Suit? Let us know how it performs in the comments below.

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