Fairtex TV2 Trainer’s Vest Review – Perfect for Muay Thai or Boxing

Fairtex TV2 Trainers Vest Review

Fairtex Trainer’s Vest TV2 Review

Sometimes new pieces of equipment are marketing tricks, a cosmetic sleight of hand to hide a new promotion, leaving the equipment without tangible improvements. The Fairtex TV2 Trainer’s Vest is not like that! This is no sleight of hand, it’s a real upgrade from their TV1 model. It is undeniable that Fairtex’s TV2 Trainer’s Vest is a handsome looking piece of equipment. It is a tank-like garment, with a dash of Thai flair design.


The TV2 is a testament to Fairtex’s synthetic leather material, Syntek. 



A trainer’s vest is probably the most bulky and heavy piece of equipment in the coach’s arsenal. One of Syntek’s strengths is how light it is compared to leather. This has allowed Fairtex to pack in the padding, whilst keeping the product lightweight and portable.

The advantages of the Muay Thai training vest being so light cannot be underestimated.

It improves  the comfort of the wearer and of course, portability.

Syntek is also easy to clean and keep dry, so maintaining a TV2 will be easier than with similar leather products.


The thickness of the microfibre padding is worth noting. Fairtex uses extra layers of padding, and they’ve contoured it for ultimate comfort. This makes for a boxing trainer’s vest which moulds to the wearer’s torso and absorbs the heaviest of shots. The way it settles around the wearer gives maximum stability and safety.

Don’t be fooled by the light weight of this Fairtex product. The multiple layers padding and ergonomic design combine to create a robust trainer’s vest. This equipment is built for conflict.


Shock absorption capacity has improved since Fairtex’s TV1.Fairtex TV2 Trainers Vest Red

The TV2 is primarily a Muay Thai trainer’s vest but would work just as well in the Western context for boxing or MMA training.

With its targets decorated tastefully with traditional Thai Lai Kranok patterns, it is perfect for training power with accuracy. The largest of these targets is on the thickest part of the layered padding.This makes it just right for the heavy knees and kicks of a Nak Muay.

 The Fairtex’s TV2 Trainer’s Vest is also a pleasure to teep.

The main central target zone on the front was designed with the teep in mind, making the TV2, possibly one of the best trainer’s vests on the market for teep training.It catches the teep like a dream, giving the Nak Muay excellent resistance whilst keeping the trainer protected.

The smaller targets on the side are perfect for the heavy precision body punches of the Western boxer. This creates a trainer’s vest which is truly versatile. 

The Thai, Lai Kranok design is a great addition to this vest. It provides a real symmetry and balance to the TV2. With its wrap-around, podlike protection, it is as neat practically as it is visually.


Unbeatable protection

The industrial strength shoulder straps are about as durable as you could wish for.These hug the wearer in a way which creates a confidence-inspiring sense of stability around the entire torso.

The TV2 only comes in one size, but the shoulder and waist straps are adjustable and easy to use. However, this could make it a bit of a tight fit for really big people.


The vest comes in two tone combinations of black and gold or black and red.  The targets and trim are in the chosen color and the rest is black. Fairtex’s design team has used color skillfully to highlight the pleasing balance of the TV2.

Fairtex TV2 Trainers Vest Straps

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Fairtex TV2 Trainer’s Vest


Pros Cons
Excellent shock absorption and protection May be too tight for people with very large bodies
Versatile for Muay Thai and boxing
Looks amazing



Conclusion Fairtex TV2 Trainer’s Vest Review:

 Fairtex’s TV2 Trainer’s Vest is an upgrade on their TV1 model, with increased shock absorption capacity and lighter weight. Physically and visually balanced, this is a beautiful product. It offers practical protection for boxing Muay Thai and boxing training. Ultimately, a great buy!


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