Fairtex Trainer’s Vest Review – Proper Armor For Top Trainers

Fairtex Trainer’s Vest Review

Fairtex’s product range is extensive and full of innovative products designed for professionals. Their original TV1 trainer’s vest is yet another example of their knack for producing cutting edge kits. There’s a certain, ‘no frills’ utility to the TV1 which is actually aesthetically pleasing as hell.

Anyone who has been kicked in the abdomen, will know it’s not something that anyone sane would volunteer for. A solid blow to the body is painful, nauseating and incapacitating. The body can literally go into shut down.

As a trainer, you often use your body as a target for trained killers. Let’s be honest, offering professional fighters free shots to your torso is quite frankly a crazy proposition without armor. Luckily the kit you need, to have peace of mind when offering yourself for target practice, is the Fairtex TV1.

Improved Protection From A Classic Belly Pad 

Fairtex’s Trainer Vest offers more protection and stability than a classic Muay Thai belly pad. It looks more like a piece of Medieval armor than a piece of boxing equipment. The TV1 trainer’s vest protects the whole torso from the strikes aimed its way. A belly pad may have a tendency to slip down the hips or roll, making the wearer vulnerable to strikes. But, this vest hooks over the shoulders so the challenges gravity poses to a belly pad are neutralized. The extra confidence this inspires cannot be underestimated.

Fairtex uses four layers of the highest quality padding to protect the trainer. The padding is denser on the outside and softer on the inside. This provides a fantastic shock-absorbing ability, dissipating the blow through the layers. The softer inner layer not only helps absorb shots, it makes wearing the TV1 trainer’s vest a more comfortable experience.

Fairtex TV1 Trainers Vest

Versatile Training Tool

Sporting three inviting circular target zones for accuracy training, the Fairtex TV1 boxing trainer’s vest is a pleasure for the fighter to work with. Perfect for the careful building of powerful, complex precision combinations. Just as the padding offers protection for the wearer, it gives the fighter satisfying resistance for their strikes.

The convex shape of the outer shell of the TV1 makes an excellent target for looping shots. Fantastic for Muay Thai and Western boxing alike, the TV1 is truly versatile. It is built to absorb the kicks, knees, jabs, hooks and teeps of a high-level precision power striker. This is a seriously rugged piece of equipment for the combat sports professional.

Durable Construction

The vest is constructed out of Syntek, Fairtex’s ingenious synthetic leather material. For its size, the Fairtex TV1 trainer’s vest is lightweight and the Syntek makes it easy to clean. Making something so large out of real leather would result in a more heavy, bulky and cumbersome product.

Lightweight Syntek keeps the TV1 portable, as well as being a cinch to wipe down with your odor neutralizing spray and keep dry.

The construction of the TV1 does not involve multiple panels with excessive seams of stitching. Instead they have covered the chest and belly with one stout sheet of Syntek. This means it’s far more likely to survive for the long haul.

Fairtex TV1 Trainer Protective Vest Back

Adjustable Design

Fairtex only makes the TV1 in one size but the straps are adjustable to accommodate all sizes. However this may be too tight of a fit for very large people.

The shoulder straps criss-cross the wearer’s back making the TV1 hug the upper portion of the back. Finally, there is an industrial strength strap which wraps around the waist. These three straps combine to create an impressively stable and reliable unit. This stability is what separates the TV1 and Fairtex’s newest trainer’s vest, their TV2, (link), from an old-fashioned belly pad. Once you have one of these trainer’s vests strapped on, it isn’t going anywhere. 

Advantages of using a Fairtex Trainer’s Vest:

High quality shock absorption
Durable, seamless striking surface
Versatile for Muay Thai and Boxing

Fairtex TV1 Trainer’s Vest Review Conclusion: 

The Fairtex TV1 trainer’s vest is a serious piece of fight gear, great for both Muay Thai and boxing. It offers more protection than a traditional belly pad and is lightweight and easy to clean. A great buy. 

For a second opinion, check our verified customer reviews.  Looking for something a bit more complex? Have a look at Fairtex’s new TV2 trainer’s vest.


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