Fairtex TP3 Review : Deluxe Thigh Pads

Fairtex TP3 Review

If you’re training warriors, Fairtex TP3 thigh pads are a must have piece of equipment. Do yourself a favor and grab a pair from Nak Muay Wholesale; read this complete Fairtex TP3 review to find out why.

Fairtex TP3 thigh pads stand up to high intensity impact and training. This equipment is ideal for use with a belly pad and hand-held focus mitts or kick pads. The thigh pads come up higher on the side of the hip and dip lower in the front so as not to create too much bulk with larger belly pads. The TP3’s save your legs by offering complete protection from low kicks. All while freeing up your hands to hold pads and train realistic combinations. With using the thigh pads, you don’t have to worry about straining to hold a 1 handled kick shield in place and risking it slip. You can keep the pad work flowing nicely with added safety.


Lets talk design:

Each set of Fairtex TP3 pads come as a pair, with a distinctive right/left design. They can be worn together or individually depending on your preference. If wearing both together,we suggest putting the back leg on first and the pad that protects your leading leg second. This way belt for the leading leg (which likely the most impact) is on top and easy to adjust if necessary.

The waist band is made of durable nylon seat belt material. It is a very long strap with heavy duty Velcro, triple stitched along the entire length. The waist band uses nylon piping to prevent fraying along the edges. The belt is harnessed by a reinforced metal rectangle, buckle ring before going through an additional thick, Syntek leather loop. Padding behind the metal loop protects it from digging into you, and extra padding along where the strap attaches to the pad to help disperse stress. Previous models of this design included a plastic buckle but those have since been discontinued.

On the inside of each thigh pad, there is a round bungee cord. The cord inside is strong and durable, provides a superior stretch. Soft fabric gives cushions the cord and keeps it from digging into your inner thigh with adjustment. The cord is cross laced through 5 holes on each side of the pad to provide 10 layers of stretch on each leg. At the top of each side, there is an aglet that keeps the cord from unlacing. There is plenty of stretch with this feature, you can pull the cords to your desired length and tie them in a knot to secure in place.

Padding and Materials:

These pads provide complete protection to the side of your thigh. They also cover the quadriceps and wrap all the way up and around to the back protecting your glutes, hips and hamstrings. These pads have 3 inches of padding, and this remains so even after breaking them in. Dense, thick foam is in the center of the pad with softer padding towards the outside; they will withstand some heavy damage! Holes along the sides of the pads allow air to escape with impact. There are 3 circular targets for precision training and accuracy; you don’t need to move the pads around to change the target. You can keep challenging your fighter with realistic combinations.

The exterior of the pads uses Fairtex’s Syntek leather. This synthetic leather construction is equally as durable as leather, but more resistant to odor caused by moisture build up from continued use. The inside of the pads uses a water repellent neoprene lining, which offers additional protection against moisture.


These pads offer a ton of bulky padding, but it’s all in the right places. They perfectly support a fighter stance and are great for forward and lateral movement. You can throw kicks and knees for training realistic combinations. There are no closures or straps exposed to striking surfaces. These thigh pads offer both you and your fighter complete protection while they chop away at your legs.


Nak Muay Wholesale is happy to keep regular stock on the Fairtex TP3 thigh pads, they are one of our top selling items. We sell them in 3 different colors, black, red, or blue. Order your pair here!

If you’ve already got yours, thanks for reading our Fairtex TP3 review! Please let us know what you think. What’s your favorite kick pads & belly pad to use in combination with these Fairtex thigh pads?

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