Fairtex Special Edition Muay Thai Shorts

Special Edition Fairtex Muay Thai Shorts

Fairtex Special Edition Muay Thai Shorts

One of the most distinctive things about Muay Thai attire is the shorts. You don’t have to be a Muay Thai aficionado to recognise Thai boxing shorts when you see them. Their unique style is famous and transcends the boxing rings in Thailand. Far more colourful than the average sporting apparel, these flashy garments have a foot in tradition. Usually baggy and made out of satin, adorned with Thai script, they are quintessentially Thai. But, in recent years many Nak Muay have worn shorts made with more breathable fabric, a slimmer cut and more modern designs.

Fairtex’s design team remains at the forefront of creating contemporary shorts for the professional Nak Muay. Their lively line of special edition shorts are as popular as they are eye pleasing. So let’s take a look at our favourite picks in our, best Fairtex Limited Edition Muay Thai Shorts countdown.

Golden Jubilee Fairtex Golden Jubilee Muay Thai Shorts

These classy shorts come in luster camouflage or solid colour options. They were made to celebrate Fairtex’s 50th anniversary and they do so in style. With the rich blue camouflage pattern, offset with a golden embroidered Fairtex logo on the bottom of the left leg, these shorts are ready for war. The waistband has a black panel with Fairtex written in capital letters in golden thread. These rare Fairtex shorts have a really aesthetically pleasing feel about them. Perfect for a 50th birthday celebration.

A Slim Cut design, these also use a high side split which lends the Nak Muay maximum freedom of movement. With a narrower waistband, utilising six elasticated waistbands instead of eight, they have a drawstring for extra support. These are skinnier than Fairtex’s usual sizing but bigger than the Fairtex kickboxing collection. They come in small, medium, large, and extra large. Please see the manufacturers size chart on the Golden Jubilee product page for sizing recommendations. Additional sizing information is also available on our Fairtex Slim Cut Size Guide blog post.

 Golden River 

Fairtex’s luxurious and alluring Golden River Shorts, bring a sense of harmony to their look and feel. Like wearing your Feng Shui on your combat attire, these red Muay Thai shorts offer a satisfying balance to their design. Despite the Chinese theme of these shorts, there is a traditional Japanese flourish to the Golden River’s waves. Fairtex Golden River Thai boxing shorts are a real work of art!

Like most Fairtex special edition shorts, they are slim cut and use a high side cut. These luxuriant looking shorts grant the wearer superior mobility. Only available in a quite distinctive and opulent looking red. This design uses lightweight, micro satin fabric and embroidered using high quality gold thread creating the evocative river design. They sport a neat black and white patch on the left leg featuring Fairtex Chinese registered trademark in Chinese script. Fairtex is printed in a bold font and all caps white along the waist band. Red trim piping adorns the edge of the leg openings. Fairtex Special Edition Muay Thai Shorts Focus and Golden River

Fairtex Focus Shorts

These gorgeous Fairtex Focus Muay Thai Shorts have a balanced simplicity to their design. We found them so satisfying, they almost topped the charts. Available in either green or black with yellow piping around the leg openings and side cuts. On the front of the shorts, the Fairtex logo is written in white in their flowing font and sits on top of a diamond shaped panel. This panel explodes off the shorts with a corona reminiscent of the halo surrounding the sun during an eclipse. The waistband has a panel with “Fairtex” in white, capital letters. Despite the simplicity of the Focus design, there is something about these shorts that makes them special! 


Aussie Muay Thai World Champion and ONE Champion competitor, Alma Juniku has a treat for you: joining forces with Fairtex to create these stunning pink Muay Thai Shorts. Slim Cut with high side cuts for extra freedom of movement. These little beauties have a faded effect, almost reminiscent of tie dye — only nicer!  With a retro Fairtex 1971 logo in the centre of the shorts, there’s a certain vintage aesthetic to them. They have solid pink piping around the leg holes and side cuts, which offset the white of the lower legs of the shorts nicely. Fairtex is written in bold capital letters on a solid pink background along the waistband.

These Muay Thai Shorts really stand out from the pack. Fairtex Alma Muay Thai Shorts are a really practical sporting garment, wrapped up in an eye pleasing design. Bring the colour to the ring with these Fairtex Alma Muay Thai Slim Cut Limited Edition Shorts.


Fairtex links up with URFACE, a popular Thai clothing company, to create these eye popping Thai boxing shorts. The URFACE aesthetic is reminiscent of graffiti street art. Incorporating Thai script, elephants, banana palms and other Thai themed cartoons, these shorts are rambunctious, playful and fun. Adorned with the Fairtex logo in black with a yellow border in the centre of the shorts. The waistband stands out with the “URFACE” logo in white.

These shorts use premium micro satin fabric and black textured side panels rounded off with black piping along the leg. The Slim Cut allows for extra mobility when throwing kicks and knees. You can find the URFACE shorts here at Nak Muay Wholesale.

Future Lab Fairtex Future Lab Muay Thai Shorts Pink

Fairtex Future Lab Muay Thai Shorts are their latest collaborations, with inspiration from the meta verse. These shorts are available in fluorescent pink or a deep dark purple, depending on how loud you want to look.

The low key purple design has futuristic geometric patterns on a graphite black background which fades to a purple design on the front. Offset with a darker purple waistband with an even darker purple panel sporting Fairtex in capital letters in white.

Recently worn by Stamp Fairtex in the ONE Championship, the pink Future Lab shorts are much brighter! They use a more lively, cartoon like design of psychedelic shapes and objects spanning the colour spectrum from blue to fluorescent yellow and light purple. The dynamic shorts design is offset by the fluorescent pink waistband, with a navy blue panel sporting “Fairtex” in fluorescent green. 

Both versions of these limited edition Fairtex shorts are Slim Cut to allow for maximum mobility. You can review more comprehensive sizing information in on our Fairtex Slim Cut size guide here.

Fairtex Clubber Shorts

These slick, Fairtex Clubber Muay Thai shorts are bought to you by Irish Nak Muay, Sean Clancy. Clancy is a former WBC Muay Thai super lightweight champ! Former Cage Muay Thai super lightweight champ and current ONE competitor in the Bantamweight division. His shorts are a really satisfying to the eye — slightly blue tinged gun metal grey, with a yellow piping frame around the leg holes and side cuts. The Fairtex logo in the centre of the shorts has a golden Dara Celtic Knot entwined into the font. The way the Fairtex logo tangles with the Celtic symbol lends the shorts, a kind of 3D effect. On the waistband there is a small black panel with “Clubber” written in capital letters in white. Whether in battle or working the heavy bag, the Slim Cut offers the wearer extra freedom of movement. Fairtex and Sean Clancy have done us all a service by creating these classy Fairtex Thai Shorts.

Fairtex Kabuki ShortsFairtex Kabuki Muay Thai Shorts

Bring that monster energy to the gym with your Fairtex Kabuki Edition Muay Thai Shorts. These rare Fairtex shorts are a real work of art; a creation from artist Mr Satoru, famous for his tattoo and jewelery designs. The front of the shorts use a complex depiction of a mythical Thai beast, complete with horns, yellow eyes and a toothy snarl. The shorts are black with red piping but the growling mythical beast is technicolour. Surrounding the furious head of the monster are flames and smokey vapours, with a multicoloured lotus under the beast’s chin. There is nothing else on the front of the shorts but the demonic presence of the beast. Not a logo in sight, it doesn’t need anything else.

The back of the shorts are solid black but the waistband has “Fairtex” written in capital letters. Although each letter is a different colour! So the only branding on the shorts, has the same technicolour explosion the beast displays on the front of the shorts. These are some of the most stunning Muay Thai shorts in the world.


All of the shorts mentioned here use Fairtex’s modern Slim Cut style. You can find more details about how these products fit on their respective product pages and the size guide here.

We hope you find something to your liking in our Top 8 Fairtex Muay Thai Shorts countdown. Did you favorite pair make the cut? Let us know your top picks in the comments below. 


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