Fairtex SP8 Shin Pad Review

Fairtex’s latest shinguard to be released is the Ultimate SP8 model. Appropriately named, this model incorporates all the best features of Fairtex engineering, giving you the ultimate in sparring protection. Read This Fairtex SP8 Shin Pad Review for the top reasons to buy their newest release. 

Similar to previous Fairtex shin guard designs, the SP8’s use rigid, firm padding, Syntek leather, and a water resistant inside lining. 

The double padded design also featured on the Fairtex SP5’s, is thickest at the high contact striking centre along your shins. Padding is tapered towards the outside edges giving a non-bulky, sleek fit. Two velcro straps are ergonomically placed behind the calf to secure the shin protector. Both of these straps use strong velcro and soft padding for ultimate comfort. 

Syntek leather is Fairtex’s brand of synthetic leather. It is just as durable as the genuine leather they use. All of Fairtex’s shin pads currently use the Syntek or cloth material.

The SP8’s use the same water resistant lining that the rest of their Syntek leather shin guards use. The material is bonded to the padding and stitched around the outside seams. There are no seams along the surface that is in contact with your shin, nothing to cause irritation or discomfort during training. 

The Fairtex SP8 shin pads are available in a beautiful, rich brown color. This design uses gold branding and details, like the logo and “Hand Made in Thailand” stamp on the front of the shinpads. 


Three main features make the Fairtex SP8 Shin Pad design unique:

  1. Ergonomic ankle protection
  2. Lateral knee protection
  3. Wide, contoured calf protector


Fairtex SP8 Ankle Protection:

Fairtex uses their patented bridge system design between the shin protector and foot protector. Essentially, this is a thin yet durable connection that firmly holds the pieces together without adding any bulkiness to the front of your ankle. This ergonomic design provides optimal protection and range of motion. The Fairtex SP7 Shinpads use this same connection, with an additional velcro component to make it detachable. The foot protection for this SP8 model does not detach; it is permanently connected to the shin protector. 

Foot protection for this model fully covers both sides of the forefoot and ankle. There is a thick piece of elastic behind the ankle, and one under the forefoot to keep the foot pad in place. This also keeps the heel and ball of your feet bare for uncompromised traction in the ring. 


Lateral Knee Protection for Fairtex SP8:

Unlike the Fairtex SP5 design that is tallest at the centreline of the shin pads, the Ultimate SP8 pads are tallest towards the outside edge. Checking kicks can leave the side of your knee vulnerable to impact. These pads specifically guard the area of the knee without limiting your range of motion or movement. This makes them a great choice for athletes with knee injuries or weakness. 

Sizing for Fairtex SP8 Shin Pads:

This design offers an overall wider calf body than the Fairtex SP5 model. It still has a concave shape to hug and wrap around the sides of your shin, but it is not as deeply curved as the SP7 design. Please see the size chart below for Fairtex’s suggested measurements specific to this model. 


Size Guide and Measurements For Fairtex SP8 Ultimate Shin Pads:

Size Shin Pad Height Length of Foot Cover
Small 32 14
Medium 33 15
Large 34 15
Extra Large 35 16

Fairtex SP8 size suggestions dependent on your height:

Athlete’s Height
Size Inch cm.
Small 4’11” to 5’3″ 150-160
Medium 5’3″ to 5’10” 160-179
Large 5’10” to 6’1″ 179-185
Extra Large 6’1″ to 6’4″ 185-195


Overall, the Fairtex Ultimate Shinpads are great for people with wider calves or Nakmuay’s with knee or foot injuries. Their durable construction, lateral knee and complete foot protection make them the ultimate in sparring protection. If you’re ready to buy a pair for Fairtex SP8’s, use code ‘SP8BLOG’ for $5 off & order here!

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