Fairtex Small Backpack – BAG18 Product Review

Product Review for Fairtex BAG18 Small back pack by Nak Muay Wholesale

Fairtex BAG18 review

Fairtex small Backpack is a new release from Feb 2024. Model BAG18 is built for function, with a compact yet aesthetic design that only Fairtex does best. With colors inspired by Asian culture and premium finishing, this bag is proving to be a new staple in the corner of many fighters. Read more to find out the specs on this sleek new bag from Fairtex Thailand. 

Small back pack with lots of space: fairtex Bag18 Purple Small Backpack

At first glance, this looks like the average backpack with 2 main compartments. When you open it up, you’ll see it’s so much more. The larger compartment features a padded computer sleeve across the back. There is a medium size mesh zipper pocket on the inside front of this large compartment. The zipper pocket is large enough to accommodate personal items like wallet, passport, and phone, keeping them safe and secure.

The smaller compartment is the full height of the bag. Inside are features to keep you organized for work or play. Card slots, pen holders, tiny mesh pocket, and 4 other flat slots to keep important items and documents. 

Each side has a pocket, one is open and perfect size for a 500ml water bottle. The other uses a full zipper closure – perfect to have smaller items, like keys or headphones, immediately accessible.

The overall measurements for this backpack is 18” tall, 13.5” wide with a depth of 6”. It boasts a total capacity of 20 liters of storage.

So, what fits inside the Fairtex BAG18?

We were able to fit 2 pairs of Fairtex 12oz gloves inside the main compartment, with extra space at the top of the main compartment free for some smaller personal items.
The main compartment is long enough to accommodate 1 pair of medium sized shinguards, we tried both Fairtex, Twins Special & Top King brands. 

The padded sleeve has enough space to fit medium to large size lap tops, the velcro strap is elastic to safely secure at any length.

Fairtex Backpack Balances Durability, Function & Comfort:

Just like the rest of their bags, Fairtex uses durable nylon for the exterior of this backpack. It’s the same quality material you’ve seen in the past on Fairtex’s BAG2 duffle bags & their BAG4 oversized backpack

Mesh padding covers the entire surface facing the wearer’s back. This provides a great balance of cushion and airflow for optimal comfort.Fairtex BAG18 Thai Tea Backpack straps
The two straps also use mesh padding on the side facing the wearer. The adjustable bit uses a nylon weaved belt to provide a secure hold. This same material also reinforces the zipper on the main compartment – giving added durability & a continuity to the design of the bag.

Both of the main zipper compartments use 2 way zippers with strong metal tabs and nylon pulls.

Two hard, rubber feet at the bottom of the bag help to minimize wear and tear. A piece of nylon weaved belt is reinforced at the top of the bag making it easy to hang. 


Asian Fusion & Fairtex Excellence:

Fairtex carefully selected the tones for this bag, taking inspiration from Asian delicacies to match each name. The orange bag is a perfect match for the infamous hue of Thai Tea. Matcha green is an obvious choice after the ancient Chinese beverage. Kyoho matches the deep purple tone of the Japanese grapes. The Blueberry fruit is grown throughout middle & central Asia, a perfect match to the navy blue.

The front of the bag says “FAIRTEX 1971 FIGHTER” across the top half. Close to the bottom, it reads “MUAY THAI DEPT. LEGENDARY SINCE 1971”. All of the wording is done in tight, bright white embroidery. And the saying reads true — in review, this Fairtex BAG18 is the a great complement to their already legendary product collection. 

Fairtex Mini Backpack BAG18 blueberry navy

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