Fairtex PV1 Protective Vest Review: Useful for Competition and Training

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Fairtex PV1 Protective Vest Review

Amateur competition is differs greatly from competing professionally. Amateurs wear more protective equipment and in many promotions, for children under 15 years old, rules prevent head shots. This means the focus is more heavily on point scoring leg kicks and body strikes. Some tournaments require young fighters wear protective vests.

Such protective vests are also extremely helpful for sparring training. It is wise for an enterprising coach to use protective vests as a tool for honing precision striking on an elusive opponent. They offer a very different striking experience than a belly pad or trainers vest. Protective vests have multiple uses beyond that of amateur competition, allowing for creativity with their use.

The Fairtex PV1 Protective Vest is one of the best protective vests on the market, popular across the martial arts world. Let’s take a closer look at the Fairtex’s PV1 model.

Perfect for Amateur Competition:

Depending on the governing body you are competing under, a protective vest may be required. The Fairtex PV1 protective vest is made with competition in mind, to the highest standards. It has white circular targets for point scoring. Check with the organisation you are competing under for equipment requirements, before buying a PV1.

Durable Construction:

Made in Thailand out of Fairtex’s excellent Syntek, synthetic leather product. With a double layer of microfibre padding for maximum shock absorption. It has a nylon lining and with adjustable nylon straps, for an extra snug fit. The stitching and trim are neat and robust and seal the vest’s interior, making it water resistant. The stitching cuts across the protective torso covering, in a kind of reinforcing grid, making the PV1 more durable. The combination of Syntek and nylon ensures the Fairtex PV1 protective vest is easy to keep clean and fresh.

Lightweight Protection:

Without a doubt, the Fairtex PV1 protective vest is lightweight. The construction materials of Syntek, nylon and microfibre padding, are as light as it gets. It collapses into a thin space for ease of portability and storage.

Fairtex PV1 Protective Vest BlueFairtex PV1 Red Protective Vest Side

Ideal for Accuracy Training:

The Fairtex PV1 protective vest’s use of white circular targets, makes it an excellent tool for training precision striking. As well as protecting the torso from shots, it allows for sharp shooter training. Not only training how to hit the target but how to score points on an elusive opponent. So as a training tool, during sparring, the PV1 is valuable outside of competition. Without a doubt, the Fairtex protective vest has utility beyond its protective qualities.

Versatile Use:

Besides being great for amateur Muay Thai competition, the Fairtex PV1 protective vest is fantastic for Tae Kwon Do competition and sparring of any kind. If you want to add protection to your torso and build confidence, the Fairtex PV1 protective vest is the kit for you.

Sleek Design:

The PV1 looks similar to a lightweight baby version of Fairtex’s TV1 trainer’s vest. Coming in aesthetically pleasing traditional block colours of black, blue and red, with white targets containing the famous Fairtex logo. The PV1 is a no frills, nevertheless great looking piece of kit.

Fairtex PV1 Protective Vest Blue Back

Several Sizes Available:

The sizing of the PV1 ranges from kids size, then goes up to medium, large and extra large. Fairtex takes into account the wide variety of body shapes within each size. They do this with completely adjustable straps.
Two velcro straps go across the back, in opposition directions – one from left to right, and one from right to left. This bilateral design allows for a more consistent, snug feeling along the body. A wide tie attaches the shoulder straps with both sides of the body protector. The lace up tie can be fastened to allow for a fully customizable fit.

Final Thoughts for Review of Fairtex PV1 Protective Vest

This Fairtex protective vest is made with amateur Muay Thai competition in mind. Nevertheless it has utility for other martial arts, basic Muay Thai sparring and accuracy training. The versatility of the PV1 cannot be underestimated. Its construction materials of Syntek, nylon and microfibre padding makes it lightweight, portable and easy to clean and dry. It looks Spartan, coming in bold colours with white targets and the Fairtex logo. Fairtex has made one of the best protective vests on the market. We highly recommend the Fairtex PV1 body protector for Muay Thai sparring and amateur competition.

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