Fairtex Mexican Style Boxing Glove Review – Lace up Training Gloves for the Pros

Fairtex Mexican Style Glove Review

Fairtex Mexican Style Glove Review : It seems all wrong to call a piece of equipment designed for the sharp end of combat sports, a Mexican style lace up glove, “cute”, … but I can’t help it! The Fairtex BGL7 Mexican style glove is a damn cute piece of kit. From the no-nonsense Mexican style with minimal knuckle padding, and the solid thumb attachment, right down to the ridged cuff,  reminiscent of a puffer jacket!  In beautiful real leather and traditional colour they are cute but deadly gloves! 

Mexican style gloves are different from many other styles of glove. Precisely because, what they add in wrist and thumb support, they take away from the padding in the knuckle zone. This is not a lapse in engineering judgment or a design flaw, it is intelligent design Intended for maximum satisfaction. 

Just as an artist wants to feel the quality of the brush in his hand, the Mexican fighter wants to feel his hands touch his opponent. He does not want to hide behind an impervious armoured capsule of latex and microfiber. He needs to be protected just enough for the punch to feel alive & real, without causing injury. 

Such gloves are otherwise known as ‘punchers’ gloves’. They are designed so you can truly feel the satisfying oomph of a well timed, artfully delivered, precision punch. 

Fairtex Pro Training Lace Up Gloves Are Built For Battle

The BGL7 is a compact, snug, comfortable, malleable, good looking glove which is built for battle. 

If you see your sparring partner lacing up a pair of these Fairtex Mexican monsters, … hands up, chin down,  bite down on your mouthguard and prepare for war! Protect yourself at all times! 

Despite their Spartan engineering, these Fairtex beauties are extremely reliable and sturdy. 

With two layers of high density latex foam padding for maximum shock absorption, they offer quality hand protection without compromising any of the thrilling Mexican style, ‘puncher’s glove’ experience. 

The interior of the glove is lined with water-resistant microfiber, preventing bacteria build-up. This is essential if you don’t want  your opponent running away from the odour of your gloves instead of from your slick hands!

The main points about these Fairtex BGL7 gloves:

Designed for heavy hitters

High quality real leather materials

Double layers of latex padding in strategic distribution for ultimate protection and punch satisfaction

Partial thumb attachment, adding to the protection whilst allowing for maximum mobility.

Padding and stitching reinforces the glove compartment along the wrist and up to the palm, leading to a decent grip bar.

Nylon water repellent lining makes for easy cleaning and keeps the sweat stink at bay.

Premium Fairtex Gloves, Perfect for Experienced Fighters

These are some of the best Thai manufactured boxing gloves around. Fairtex’s engineering and innovation is on point for this product. They are great for boxers or Nak Muay, … although not for the faint of heart!

These are not beginners’ gloves. They are best for someone with a few miles on the clock. And although Fairtex calls these Pro Training Gloves, you don’t need to be a professional boxer or pro Thai boxer to use them.

As many people often find with Mexican style gloves, they may feel awkward at first. People do get comfortable in gloves that are all about padding and protection. So, the first time they use a Mexican style glove, it can often feel like going to the supermarket in nothing but your smalls! However, as you continue to use these gloves you will quickly overcome that feeling of exposure.

In fact when you put those bulky old training gloves you used to wear back on, it might feel as if you are wearing a cumbersome spacesuit. You may find you crave the freedom of the heavy hitters’ ‘puncher’s glove’. That’s certainly how the average Mexican gladiator feels about his gloves. 

These gloves may take time to break in. Once the glove is supple and you’re familiar with the Spartan knuckle padding, you will love these gloves. We’re confident they will become your new favorite training gloves!

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