Fairtex Legacy Boxing Glove Review

Fairtex Legacy Boxing Glove Review
Fairtex Legacy Boxing Glove Review (BGV21)
Every manufacturer has its strengths and without a doubt one of Fairtex’s strengths is engineering reliable equipment. Additionally, Fairtex has the knack for designing some of the most eye catching special edition gear for your kit collection.
From their beautifully designed Glory boxing gloves, by Thai artist Ruk Lertjitasakool. To their extremely popular Painter’s boxing gloves. Fairtex make some of the best looking boxing gloves on the market. Their artistic vision is one reason why they are one of the most prolific manufacturers in the world today.
In this article, we’ll take a closer look at their special edition, Legacy Boxing Gloves.


Fantastic Muay Thai Glove with Cross Discipline Appeal

Fairtex has created a fantastic Muay Thai glove with cross discipline appeal. The Fairtex Legacy boxing glove is extremely popular with MMA and Muay Thai fighters. These gloves are great for beginners and pros. Plus, they feature a fantastic, attention grabbing retro design and feel.


Fairtex Legacy Boxing Gloves are Well Built

Hand-made in Thailand with premium quality leather, to the highest possible standards. Fairtex’s Legacy Muay Thai boxing gloves are as dependable and practical as they are attractive. These gloves are compact and solid with an almost cube-like construction. As such may take a little time to break in.
The construction of the Legacy glove is neat and efficient. With Fairtex’s famous three-layered foam system, focused to reinforce the knuckle area of the glove. The padding also runs down the back of the glove to protect the back of the hand from incoming kicks. Without a doubt, the Legacy glove offers fantastic shock absorption capacity for landing and blocking strikes.
The stitching is precise and firm throughout it’s construction and the thumb is partially attached to reduce the risk of thumb injury. They have a strategically placed chunk of palm padding for parrying shots and gimlet holes in the centre palm for ventilation. With a bulky but short Velcro cuff, offering decent wrist support. Plus water resistant, microfibre fabric lining the interior of the gloves. Fairtex Legacy Muay Thai gloves are without a doubt exceedingly well-built pieces of equipment.


Unique Design for Fairtex’s Legacy Gloves

Using the same, snug interior as their most popular, flagship BGV1 boxing glove but with slightly different padding distribution. And while it does fit similar to the Fairtex BGV1 design, it is important to note that the BGV21 does not have a grip bar typically found in most of their models. The padding distribution into the fingers gives this glove design enough support on it’s own, however if you rely on a grip bar to find your comfortable striking position, this is not the glove for you.

Offering Durable Leather and Padding

These are highly durable boxing gloves, largely due to two key factors. The first being a high quality leather shell, and the second being the water resistant, microfibre interior lining. Combined with the tough stitching and the layered padding, such strong gloves should survive for the long haul. You’ll find these absorb thousands of impacts at the sharp end of the stand up game.

Due to the minimal finishing on this leather, you will also find that these absorb quite a bit of moisture. That’s why it’s essential to look after these gloves diligently between training sessions, making sure they have the chance to thoroughly dry out. With the correct care, the Legacy gloves should put you through years of training and sparring. Ultimately, their uncompromising and solid construction is testament to the talent of the Fairtex design team. They truly are built for longevity. Just be sure to properly care for that quality leather.


With an Old School, Retro Boxing Glove Look

This is the facet that makes the Fairtex Legacy boxing glove stand out. Reminiscent of Boon’s signature brown cowhide boxing gloves only lighter. The Legacy Muay Thai glove looks exactly how a high quality leather boxing glove should look. Natural leather in all it’s glory. What really is unique to the Legacy glove is the matte finish. It actually feels like real leather. Unlike most other leather boxing gloves, which have heavy sealants and finishing to their leather. The Legacy glove has none of that. No glossy finish encasing that pristine hide. This means the Legacy Muay Thai gloves are more supple and forgiving but may take that extra little care.
The BGV21’s feature Fairtex’s original 1971 logo, patched onto the cuff of the glove. With a bold, grainy black striped design saying “Fairtex Muay Thai” printed on the the back of the glove. Aesthetically the Fairtex Legacy Muay Thai glove is a treat.



Pros & Cons of the Fairtex Legacy Boxing Gloves

Pros: Cons:
Great for Muay Thai, kickboxing, boxing and MMA
Leather may require extra care
Beautiful leather with minimal, matte finish
Slightly less wrist support than many Western style gloves
Aesthetically pleasing design
No grip bar
Great glove interior
Palm ventilation
Water resistant microfibre interior lining




Final Thoughts on the Fairtex BGV21’s:

In review a pair of Fairtex Legacy Boxing glove are a solid investment. They’re made with a similar hand compartment to the Fairtex flagship BGV1 glove. These use the highest quality leather which retains it’s natural colour and texture. As such, they may require a little more care than other gloves. But overall, a fair trade off for this very pleasing design. An extremely desirable and practical glove from the Fairtex crew, the BGV21 gloves will make an excellent Christmas gift for the Nak Muay in your life.
These special edition gloves come in sizes 8-16oz. Find them for a great price here at Nak Muay Wholesale!

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