What makes Fairtex KPLS2 Superior?

Fairtex KPLS2 Kick Pad Review - What Makes them superior

Fairtex KPLS2 Superior Thai Pads Review

What are the best Thai pads? The answer to this question is not definitive. It’s a wide subject and there’s going to be very little consensus. Nevertheless, when it comes to Thai pads, Fairtex has a great reputation with the pros. Their kick pad range is versatile but above all, reliably high end. Fairtex Thai kick pads are extremely popular with the professionals. Their “superior” Thai pad is just that!

Let’s take a closer look at the Fairtex KPLS2 Thai pads to find out more:

The KPLS2 Superior Thai pads follow the same model as the KPLC2. They are an extremely durable, ergonomically curved, double strapped pair of kick pads. Previously, these pads were exclusively available in Thailand – made to keep up with the heavy kickers.

So, what makes Fairtex KPLS2 superior to other Fairtex kick pads?

  • 100% genuine leather construction
  • Thoughtful padding distribution

Superior Construction:

The KPLS2 pads are made completely out of the highest quality cowhide, instead of buffalo leather. As with all Fairtex pads, these are handmade in Thailand.

The way these pads are put together is impressive. Built to last with heavy duty stitching, riveted handles and padded straps. The strap design offers an ergonomic grip for the holder’s forearms. The craftsmanship that goes into the KPLS2 one of the things that makes them stand out. Not that the craftsmanship with Fairtex’s other pads is lacking, but there’s just something extra special about the KPLS2. From the careful crafting of the padded straps, to the quality of the leather, these pads feel top of the line.

The Fairtex KPLS2 pads measure 15″ x 8″, and are 4″ thick. The pair together weighs 2.7kg.

How do the Super Kick Pads feel in action?

The strap configuration is a perfect compliment to the curvature of the pad. Once the holder has these pads on, they feel about as secure as possible. Denser padding along the striking surface helps to condition the fighter’s shins.  The combination of the leather, the curve and the stout but forgiving padding, ensure they are extremely satisfying to strike.

And, the softer padding facing the straps offers fantastic shock absorption for the holder. Protecting the forearms from the thunder crashing into the business end of the pads. Regardless of which side of the KPLS2 you are standing on, these pads are outstanding.

Clean Fairtex Aesthetics:

Coming only in solid black with red stitching, the KPLS2 pads look Spartan, vintage and attractive. With the familiar white target and Fairtex logo adorning the strike zone of the pads, these catch strikes and the eye. Looking similar to the rest of the Fairtex kick pad range, with the exception of a “superior” crest, printed on the back of the pads. The Fairtex design team have shrewdly stuck with their winning aesthetic. A classically attractive design combined with refined craftsmanship, makes these pads objects of desire.

The Fairtex KPLS2 kick pads are truly superior:

These are a great addition to the Fairtex Thai kick pad range. Lovingly made in Thailand, completely out of the finest cowhide leather. These are appropriately named “superior” as they are better than most kick pads on the market. A level finesse and care put into the materials and workmanship gives Fairtex an edge over many other pads.  If you want high calibre Thai pads, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Fairtex KPLS2 superior kick pads.

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