Kick Pad Comparison: Fairtex KPLC5 vs Fairtex KPLC6

Kick Pad Comparison: Fairtex KPLC5 vs Fairtex KPLC6

Kick Pad Comparison: Fairtex KPLC5 vs Fairtex KPLC6

The Fairtex Microfiber Curved Kick Pads are available in 2 different versions, the KPLC5 and KPLC6. This article reviews and compares the Fairtex KPLC5 and Fairtex KPLC6 kick pads. We will break down their similarities and differences, including their construction, size, weight and ideal usage.

CONSTRUCTION: Both of these Single and Double Strap kick pads use a microfiber material for their exterior. This material is just as durable as leather without taking on the stinky odor that leather usually does with use. This material feels super soft, both to hold and to hit. One thing to note, when comparing this fabric to traditional leather, is that pads that use microfiber fabric do not have the same “crack” sound to it as their genuine leather counter parts. This can be a non-issue for many people, but something to keep in mind if you live for the noise while training.

Both the KPLC5 & KPLC6 have extra durable handles at the top of the kick pad. These handles are reinforced with two rivets on each side.

The main difference between the two versions, is that the Fairtex KPLC5 uses a double strap Velcro closure whereas the Fairtex KPLC6 only has a single strap. The straps are fully adjustable to suit individual preference when it comes to support across the forearm. The back of the straps is reinforced with extra padding so as to maximize your comfort while holding them.

Both models have a rectangular cushion along the forearm for additional padding and support. This is something that the Fairtex Standard Thai Pads (KPLC2) does not feature. The extra cushioning serves to keep your wrist in a more neutral position while holding the pads. Also, it serves to help absorb impact so that your body doesn’t have to.

As with all of Fairtex’s other kick pads, both the KPLC5 & KPLC6 have accuracy targets on the front of the pads.

SIZE: Fairtex KPLC5 measure 20 cm wide, 38 cm tall and have a thickness of 10 cm. The KPLC5 model is the same height and width as the Fairtex KPLC2 Standard Kick Pads, but the KPLC2’s are 3 cm thicker. Similar to the KPLC5 model, the KPLC6 pads also measure 20 cm wide and 10 cm thick. The KPLC6 pads are slightly shorter than the KPLC5 measuring only 35 cm tall.

WEIGHT: The Fairtex KPLC5 model weights roughly 2kg/pair, or 1 kg per pad. The Faitex KPLC6 pads weigh around 0.9 kg each, or 1.8 kg as a pair. For further comparison, the Fairtex Standard Kick Pads (KPLC2) weight around 1.1 kg per piece, or 2.2 for the pair.

The KPLC5 double strap model is 100 grams per piece lighter than the standard kick pads;  KPLC6 single strap model is 100 grams per piece lighter than the single strap and 200 grams per piece lighter than the standard size. The respective weight differences, between the KPLC2 and KPLC5, the KPLC5 and KPLC6, doesn’t sound like a lot. But, when you’re holding pads for round after round of training you will definitely appreciate the difference.

Fairtex KPLC6 Kick Pads Review Fairtex KPLC5 Kick Pads Review

IDEAL USE: As noted above, the KPLC5 Double Strap Kick Pads are a slightly smaller version of traditional style Muay Thai pads. They offer a very similar experience as larger Fairtex models, with less weight and surface area to deal with. These are ideal for training repetitive kicks and power shots. They are well suited to athletes in higher weight classes.

The KPLC6 Single Strap Kick Pads are even smaller and lighters than the KPLC5. Which means they offer a bit more versatility for the pad holder. The Fairtex KPLC6 pads are one step away from the traditional style Thai pads, and one step closer towards a something like the Top King Extreme Focus Mitts. They are ideal for dynamic and active pad holders. These pads are perfect for training combinations, with the padding and support necessary to catch big kicks.

More alike than different, the two versions of Fairtex Microfiber Curved Kick Pads both offer a similar level of padding, support, and have durable construction. The main difference between the two styles is the strap configuration, KPLC5 is a double strap model whereas KPLC6 only has one strap. The KPLC6 model is also 3 cm shorter than the KPLC5. The deciding factor in Fairtex KPLC5 vs Fairtex KPLC6 comes down to personal choice. Let us know which style you prefer in the comments below.

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