Fairtex HG10 Review: Super Sparring Headgear

Headgear is designed for sparring. It allows you to simulate realistic training in the safest conditions possible. In this Fairtex HG10 review, we will discuss the features that make this Fairtex headguard one of the best!

Ergonomic design is what sets this head guard apart from those that came before it. Fairtex has paid attention to detail; they’ve created a masterpiece that protects against common sparring injuries. We will discuss these design features for the Fairtex HG10:

  • Hooked chin cover
  • Ear wind shields
  • Full face protection

Fairtex HG10 Headgear has a great chin protection

One of the major design features of this model is the chin cover. This part of the head guard is ergonomically designed to prevent chin injury, which we know to be common during sparring.   

Fairtex HG10 Review

Fairtex provides appropriate coverage and protection without the extra bulk. They do this by with additional seams on the outside of the headgear. This allows for sharper angles and less bulk underneath your chin. A sleek contoured design makes it easy to adjust your head position without obstructing your breathing. You will be able to keep your chin down and breathe at the same time.

Fairtex Ear Wind Shields

As with most standard headguards, this one has extra padding surrounding the ear openings. This cushioning protects the vulnerable side of your head from devastating strikes and unexpected hooks. 

The Fairtex HG10 goes one step above the rest for ear protection by using a strap of leather fabric across the ear opening. Fairtex calls this feature a ‘ear wind shield’. Essentially, each strike produces a gust of air. This wind shield breaks down the air pressure associated with impact before it crosses your actual ear. This simple ergonomic addition provides extra protection to your inner ear and prevents injuries like ruptured eardrums. So, not only does the Fairtex HG10 effectively protect the side of your head, it also offers protection against superficial and inner ear injuries.

The Fairtex HG10 offers full face protection

This model uses extra dense foam padding to provide rigid protection for your face. The cheek protectors are firm and effective for blocking impact. The HG10 design limits your exposure to injury by using extra padding across the forehead and temple area, limiting your exposure to injury. By comparison, the padding used in this model is more dense than the Twins Special HGL3 model, and softer than the Fairtex HG13 design. 

This Fairtex Headguard is fully adjustable and easy to clean

The Fairtex Super Sparring Headgear comes in 3 sizes: medium large and extra large. A lace top closure allows it to accommodate different head sizes, shapes and hairstyles within these 3 general sizes. There is also a thick velcro closure at the back of this headguard that provides a secure and customizable fit. Smooth padding on the inside of this closure makes the headgear feel seamless. 

The inside (and outside) of the headgear uses a leather construction so this piece of equipment is super easy to clean – just wipe it down after use and leave it open to dry. (Click here for more information on how to effectively clean your Muay Thai Equipment)

With all these features, it’s no wonder that the Fairtex HG10  Headgear is perfect for sparring. Appropriately named teh “Super Sparring Headgear”, it was literally designed for this specific job. The ergonomic design gives extra attention and protection against chin, ear, and facial injuries. Ideal for amateur and professional training, the customisable sizing makes this headguard suitable for all Nak Muays. 


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