Fairtex Headgear Review: HG13 Diagonal View

Fairtex Headgear Review: HG13 Diagonal View

Fairtex is known for their attention to detail and high production standards. Their Diagonal View Headgear is no exception. Read this complete Fairtex Headgear review to find out more about the HG13 model features, options available, and sizing recommendations.

Features of the Fairtex HG13 Headgear

The Fairtex HG13 Headgear uses a hook-shaped forehead protector. Compared to a straight across forehead protection offered on most models, this style comes down lower in between your eyes brows and over your nose. In doing so, it creates a triangular safety zone of protection between the forehead and cheeks. It also creates a diagonal field of view because the outer most sides of the forehead protection comes up higher than the center. This eliminates blind spots found in most standard boxing head guards. This model is appropriately named Diagonal View Sparring Headgear because it offers improved peripheral vision while maximizing protection.

This Fairtex head guard uses multiple layers of high density foam for padding. The outermost layer is firm, while the layers closer to you are softer and more absorbent. There is thick padding on the forehead, cheek and around the ears. The cheeks and chin of this head guard are rigid, with more cushioning surrounding these structures. The chin is completely covered, protecting against your jaw from strikes at all angles. Compared to the Twins HGL3 Headgear we previously reviewed, this Fairtex model offers more pillowy soft padding.

At the back of the headgear, there is a square of padding that providing cushion along the Velcro closure. This closure uses a thick piece of strong, durable Velcro. It is super sticky and adhesive, giving you a hold that won’t budge during training. It is wide enough to offer lots of room for adjustment.

Overall, stitching is very well done. All edges are expertly finished. The quality of craftsmanship is what we all know to expect from Fairtex.

Fairtex HG13 has Lace Up and Full Coverage Options

This headgear is available in two different versions, lace and full coverage. Both styles use the same Velcro closure at the back. They differ only on their top surface.

The lace top has 5 loops secured by a rounded cord, something like a shoelace. The lace version is easily adjustable. For this reason, it accommodates a wider variety of head shapes, sizes, and hairstyles than the full coverage version.

The full coverage model offers protection from downward spike elbow strikes. This makes it a great option for advanced Muay Thai and MMA sparring. The full coverage model uses mesh fabric over the padding. This aids in moisture and heat wicking while training. There are 2 circular holes placed towards the front of the top cover. A tapered strap provides 2 additional air holes towards the rear. Together, these holes create open spaces resembling the number “4” face of a dice. This helps with heat dispersement. It also allows a bit of flexibility across the top of the headgear, preserving the integrity of the more rigid support across the face.

Fairtex HG13 is available in 3 colors

We regularly stock this Fairtex Headgear in solid black, black with red, or black with blue. Please note, Fairtex’s typical “blue” is more like a navy color. It is much darker than the blues used by Top King and Twins.

Fairtex Diagonal View Headgear Size Chart

Please see the size chart below for the circumference measurements Fairtex suggests. As stated above, the lace up version of this headgear offers more flexibility with respect to sizing than the full coverage version, simply because it allows for a higher degree of adjustment.

Sizing Head Circumference
Medium 50 cm – 55 cm
Large 55cm – 60 cm
X Large 60+ cm

To finish up this Fairtex headgear review, we’d like to recommend this HG13 model as ideal for all levels of sparring. It is great for choosing a level of coverage to match your intensity of training, all without compromising your peripheral vision. It gives you the protection necessary to train safely. Find your size here at Nak Muay Wholesale, and place your order today!

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