Fairtex HB15 Review – Reasons to use a Tear Drop Shaped Heavy Bag for Muay Thai

Fairtex HB15 Review Tear Drop Shape Heavy Bag

Fairtex Super Tear Drop Heavy Bag (HB15) Review

There are many Thai boxing equipment manufacturers and Fairtex manages to stay on top when it comes to variety. Their heavy bag range is almost as prolific as their range of gloves and that is saying something!

The heavy bag is an ancient piece of equipment with a long history. It  has different roots in multiple cultures. Punching bags were popularised in the public consciousness of the West with the Rocky movies. We often think of a heavy bag, as the kind Rocky Balboa had in his basement in 1979’s Rocky II. However, there are many different kinds.

The complexity of the Muay Thai striking system demands a more diverse array of equipment than most other combat sports. For example, the 6 foot tall banana bag is essential for training low leg kicks. The bag’s length and bulk allows Nak Muay’s to kick low and hard! The design allows Muay Thai fighters to train brutal leg kicks, this is a great example of how certain pieces of equipment are ideal for training specific techniques. 

With that in mind, let’s introduce the Fairtex HB15 Super Tear Drop Heavy Bag.

Fairtex HB15 Customer Review Nak Muay Wholesale

This design is near perfect for training Muay Thai stand-up clinching, knees, inside elbows, body punching, uppercuts and kicking. The beauty of the teardrop bag is that it works just as well for a Western boxer who wants to focus on body shots and uppercuts.

Perfectly shaped for Muay Thai

The angles on the tear drop shape are ideal for the looping shot. Whether it’s a body snatching liver punch or an arcing pearler of an overhand punch, this bag has the angle you need. In many ways, the tear drop bag is better than the dedicated uppercut bag.

An old school uppercut bag usually consists of a solid cube. It is bolted to the wall, so not only does it not swing, it only offers flat surfaces. These aren’t realistic. The angles on a tear drop bag are far more like the angles you will encounter in the real world.

Fairtex brings a little more width to their bag than those offered by the competition. This is a good thing as it adds curves to those angles. Apart from this, they haven’t messed with the classic design.

Durable Design

The construction of this bag is rugged. The stitching is noticeably chunky and durable. It is a solid piece of equipment, engineered to withstand serious punishment, an industrial strength heavy bag for the professional gym.

The HB15 bag uses a combination of Syntek synthetic leather, water resistant nylon lining, heavy duty nylon straps and stainless steel hooks. It’s tough design makes it suitable for indoor or outdoor use. With rivets strategically placed to reinforce key stress points, it is about as stout a bag as you could ask for. 

This is a heavy bag built to survive outdoors, in Thailand, so it should give you years of play, without letting you down.

Fairtex Aesthetic

The Super Tear Drop Heavy Bag also looks great. Striped, and shaped like the poisoned end of a wasp, this bag stands out in the gym and cries out to be hit … HARD!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fairtex HB15 Punching Bag:
Pros Cons
Perfect for clinch training
Limited colour choices
Great for knees and uppercuts
Fantastic for looping angled shots
Excellent for both Muay Thai and boxing

It’s obvious that the pro’s out weigh the cons on this one. Overall, this Fairtex Super Tear Drop Bag is a great buy! The HB15 is extremely popular in the Muay Thai gyms in Thailand which tells you how great it is. All of the punching bags we sell come empty to minimize shipping costs, and allow a customizable fill. Unsure how to fill your Fairtex Tear Drop Heavy Bag? Click here for an easy to follow guide.


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