Fairtex HB13 Super Angle Heavy Bag Review

Fairtex HB13 Super Angle Heavy Bag Review

Fairtex HB13 Super Angle Heavy Bag Review

Most boxers will have felt the lack of satisfaction of working an uppercut on a heavy bag! The fact is, the average heavy bag is flush and cylindrical. It lacks the angle for you to land uppercuts on. Throwing a neck snapping uppercut honed for the horizontal-angle of the human chin, will be a waste of time on a bag like this. Unless you change the angle of the punch, it just skims across the edge of the bag. But, by changing the angle to bite the flat edge of the bag, you have changed the nature of the punch. It is no longer the precision strike you’ve been working on. In some ways it isn’t really an uppercut anymore.

Luckily, dedicated uppercut bags for you to hone the perfect Francis Ngannou shot on, are readily available. But these uppercut bags don’t allow for you to do much more than work your upper body and head punches. If you want to slam some nasty leg kicks into your workout, you are bang out of luck.

*Enter the Fairtex Super Angle Heavy Bag. Perfectly angled to land a text-book uppercut, long enough to work the body and even those tenderising low kicks. It might just be the ultimate heavy bag…! Or is it? Read on to find out more.

Fairtex HB13 Construction:

The HB13 model uses Fairtex’s excellent, Syntek synthetic microfiber leather. It looks like a cross between a mushroom and a WW2 bomb! It might just be the biggest hanging heavy bag on the market. This bag grabs your attention – like a giant Captain Caveman’s club hanging from the gym ceiling.

Fairtex’s HB13 is clearly a solid piece of equipment. The unorthodox design that goes into creating such a top heavy punch bag, requires some prowess to pull off. Fairtex incorporates heavy duty, hard to tear, water resistant Nylon lining and rugged, industrial strength webbing straps.

Fairtex has reinforced this beast of a bag by adding extra support where it matters most. This means extra stitching and riveting to the stress points. By using straps, theres no risk of rust. It also makes this bag quieter than a heavy bag with chain straps.

The HB13 is without a doubt a well put together, rugged heavy bag. It uses a practical design with tight construction, and  highly durable materials. This Fairtex Muay Thai heavy bag is serious heavy duty kit.

What is the Fairtex Super Angle Heavy Bag used for?Fairtex Super Angle HB13 Heavy Bag

On paper, this behemoth of a bag should be the only bag a Muay Thai gym should need. Functional for just about every strike in the Thai boxing arsenal. Like a fat headed banana bag with perfect angles for a well placed uppercut. Great for just about any punch, kick, elbow or knee. What more could a Nak Muay want? Most uppercut bags are short like the teardrop (link) the uppercut bag (link) and the water heavy bag. They achieve the angle for that uppercut by reducing the length of the bag. Making the base of the bag a strike zone. They are essentially shorter than the average Western punch bag. Well the HB13 is the opposite, long enough to hone leg kicks yet perfectly made for uppercuts. It is a fantastic heavy bag for Muay Thai and MMA and we recommend it highly.
But it has its cons!

The truth is, as versatile as this bag is, it isn’t the most popular bag in the gym. It’s size and weight make it a tougher target and it swings in an unorthodox trajectory. This tends to mean people choose other heavy bags first, unless they are looking to hone their uppercut. Nevertheless, in certain circumstances, the HB13 could be the best heavy bag on the market. Better for uppercut training than the HB12 Fairtex angle heavy bag. Ultimately, if you have space and a solid beam to hang it from, this is the perfect bag for a home gym. Like three bags for one. Banana bag, uppercut bag and Western punch bag all wrapped up in one monstrous mushroom shaped Leviathan. If your gym or home gym is too small for multiple different bags? This is the bag for you.

Fairtex Design:

Like a giant black and white mallet. Bulbous at the top, surrounded by a crown of Fairtex logos in Champion Belt style crests. With strategically placed striking targets. Tapering down to create the sharp angle for the uppercut, surrounding the bag like the chin of a cave troll. Just waiting for that Mike Tyson head removing uppercut from hell. Below the bulbous head of the bag, it tapers down to a banana bag sized trunk. The black Syntek of this portion of the bag has vertical Fairtex logos running up it. It’s a great looking black and white colossus of a bag. Rugged equipment for the hardest game in the world.

Fairtex Super Angle Heavy Bag Dimensions:

It measures 50 cm in diameter and is 137 cm tall.
It comes empty but full the HB13 will weigh approximately 60 kg.

Pros & Cons of the Fairtex HB13

Advantages Disadvantages
The most versatile bag around.
It’s size and weight means it is more difficult to site and hang.
Great for uppercuts and leg kicks and just about any other strike you can think of.
Due to weight, it can become a tougher target than other bags.
Uses heavy duty Nylon straps instead of chains, so less noise and no rust.
With prolonged use the base can pack hard.
Syntek synthetic leather is easy to wipe and maintain.
Looks fantastic.

Why buy the Fairtex HB13 Heavy Bag?

The Fairtex HB13 is one of the most versatile and complete heavy bags in the world. Perfect for uppercuts and leg kicks and just about anything else you can think of. Made of black Syntek synthetic leather, with reinforced rivets and heavy duty Nylon straps. Looking like the Hammer Of The Gods has been cheekily branded by Fairtex. It’s sheer size and weight means mounting it may require extra thought and care. Make sure you have an appropriately sturdy point to anchor it. It may take some acclimatising to hitting something that heavy and reading the unorthodox swing. Otherwise, the Fairtex HB13 Uppercut Heavy Bag is a great addition to any Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts or home gym.

Click here for a detailed article on how to fill a Fairtex boxing bag. 

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