Fairtex FMV15 Review: Focus Mitts Built for Speed & Accuracy

Fairtex FMV15 Review: Focus Mitts

Fairtex FMV15 Review: Focus Mitts Built for Speed & Accuracy

Recognizing that many Muay Thai fighters are now practicing different disciplines, including western style boxing, Fairtex has recently extended their line of equipment to include boxing specific gear. Early 2020, they released Fairtex Speed & Accuracy Focus Mitts (FMV15), along with Fairtex Boxing Paddles (BXP1) and Fairtex Boxing Sticks (BXS1). Read this article for a complete Fairtex FMV15 Review.

The Fairtex FMV15 Focus Mitts use a black and gold color scheme. They use a durable and water resistant synthetic fabric, Fairtex’s signature Syntek leather. This fabric shows less wear and does not take on the odor that genuine leather does. All the while being equally as durable as the traditional material. These pads can withstand the punishment from your fighters, round after round.

Super compact and ultra-light weight, the Fairtex FMV15 really are perfect for speed. The pair weighs 0.37kg, with each piece measuring under 200 grams. Individual finger slots and right/left hand designation give you the most control possible while holding these pads.

The striking surfaces measure 16 cm wide by 19 cm high, with a gold 5 x 5 cm target in the center. ‘Fairtex’ is in gold printing above the target using the brand’s traditional font. A “Handmade in Thailand, Syntek Leather” stamp is directly underneath the circle. These targets are ideal for accuracy training and drills.

A super contoured design allows your hand to fit naturally in these focus mitts. Inside the hand compartment the fabric is unfinished, leaving it super soft and supple. The purpose it serves is to add a bit of grip, preventing your hands from sliding inside the mitts when they get sweaty. The fabric is cut cleanly with the finger tips open, accommodating a variety of hand sizes. The finger compartments are individually stitched with all the seams on the hand compartment on the exterior. This prevents irritation from pressure points rubbing against the back of your hands. There are ventilation holes across the back of the hand, several on each finger compartment offering lots of air movement.

Padding about the size of a golf ball fits perfectly into your palm.This offers additional shock disbursement and protection from impact. It also offers great support for your palm and wrist, by keeping your hand in a neutral ready position.

There is lots of room inside the hand compartment for larger hands. The hand compartment is not adjustable, but the ball padding on the palm makes these mitts easy for smaller hands to “hold onto” This feature really helps you to get a good grip on these pads and is important in accommodating a wide variety of hand sizes.

All of the seams use double stitching and exceptionally finishing. All the threads are tight with no strays. The seam at the bottom side of these pads is finished with lace for ultimate durability. These pads offer expert padding and craftsmanship.

In review Fairtex FMV15 Focus Mitts are perfect for speed and accuracy training. Their small surface area makes them ideal for boxing drills. Make the most of your fighter’s training and grab a pair for your arsenal today.

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