Fairtex BPV3 Belly Pad Review

Fairtex BPV3 Belly Pad Review

Fairtex BPV3 Belly Pad Review

At first glance the Fairtex BPV3 Belly Pad looks just like the previous model put out by Fairtex – the BPV2 – except with a bit more padding and a few more color options. And it’s true, there are a lot of similarities between these two models. But, there’s also a few key differences that make Fairtex’s BPV3 model stand apart from the rest of the models. Read this complete product review where we discuss all the features of the Fairtex Extra Padding Light Weight Belly Pad.

Let’s start by discussing the similarities between the Fairtex BPV3 and BPV2 belly pads:
Lightweight – Fairtex named both of these belly pads “lightweight”, and it’s true! Compared to many belly pads on the market, these two are some of the lightest pads that are fit for professional use.
Shape – Both models use the exact same cut out. The rounded shape of the striking surface protects the upper and lower abdomen. The curvature of the belly pad provides a snug fit along the trainer’s body. The strap shape and shape and length is identical between the two pads.
Design – The fancy ‘Fairtex’ artwork screen printed across the front of the pad is also identical. Both styles also feature “Fairtex’ on their circle side targets, and on the back of the velcro strap of the pad.
Back of the pad – The reverse side that faces the trainer is another unchanged feature between the two models. Both use the same black material and same padding.
Finishing features – Both models of belly pad use strong metal rivets to secure their velcro straps. Also, Fairtex uses some of the same features on all of their equipment, like nylon piping to finish their seams for example.

Fairtex BPV3 Side ViewFairtex BPV3 black blue angle

What makes the Fairtex BPV3 belly different from the previous BPV2 model? There are two obvious reasons that set them apart:
Extra padding – This is the most notable difference between the two belly pads. The BPV2 uses approximately 2 inches of padding along the striking surface. The BPV3 is one level up with an additional inch of padding placed on top.
Material – The BPV3 uses Fairtex’s signature Syntek leather. Syntek is a durable synthetic material, engineered for top performance. You can read more about this material by clicking here. The BPV2 model uses genuine leather. Syntek leather is lighter weight than genuine leather, so it is this difference that keeps the BPV3 design approximately the same weight as the BPV2 model, even with the weight of the extra padding.
Here are a few smaller details that are also noticeable on the BPV3 belly pad:
Extra padding on the side targets – These targets are noticeably squishier than the same targets on previous models. This provides a softer impact for the striker, but no real change to how the trainer experiences impact.
Strap attachment – The BPV3 belly pad uses a curved, semi- circle seam to attach the velcro straps to the pad surface. Previous models use a triangular shape. As noted above, all styles are reinforced with metal rivets. There’s no real impact on how the pad functions. This difference is more of note for the pad aesthetic.
Color options available – Again, noteworthy only for aesthetic purposes, the BPV3 model is available in a wider range of colors. It is currently available in black/red, black/blue, blue/red, red/blue, and red/black. The first color denotes the color of the strap. The second color is for the striking surface and side targets. The Fairtex BPV2 model is only available in 4 color options: red, blue, white, or black.

Fairtex BPV3 Belly Pad Blue-RedFairtex BPV3 Back

The Fairtex BPV3 belly pad is essentially an embossed version of the BPV2 model, made in a synthetic leather material. The extra padding allows beginners some additional comfort while learning proper technique. This same padding also provides the trainer some extra protection for strong strikes from professional fighters. The Fairtex BPV3 Lightweight Belly Pad is a versatile choice, suitable for all levels of Muay Thai training. You can order yours here!

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