Fairtex BPV2 Review: Lightweight Belly Pad for Muay Thai

Fairtex BPV2 Review Lightweight Belly Pad for Muay Thai

Fairtex BPV2 Belly Pad Product Review: “The Championship Belt”


Muay Thai is a sport that requires a lot of physical contact.  Holding pads is a workout all on its own. Trainers need to stay safe so they can get the best out of their athletes. If you’re training champions, the Fairtex BPV2 Belly Pad is a great choice. It provides exceptional protection, is ergonomically designed to maximize training opportunities, and uses high quality materials. 


Excellent Protection

There are a lot of Muay Thai belly pads available in the market. But not all of them are ergonomic and provide maximum protection. 

The Fairtex BPV2 design uses four layers of foam on a reinforced plastic frame to provide superior shock absorbency. This engineering makes for a super durable and lightweight product. It is comfortable enough to wear for countless rounds of pad holding. And, it’s strong enough to absorb impact from push kicks and knee strikes from professional level fighters. 

The main striking surface of this belly pad is rounded on the top and bottom. The top side of the belly pad is similar to the BPV1 model. Its round shape provides protection to your upper abdomen and navel. The round bottom side protrudes down from the waist, providing protection for the lower abdomen and groin.  

This belly pad measures almost 2 inches of padding. It is tapered on the inside surface towards the edges, maximizing your ability to move with it on. The bulk of the padding is closer to the middle where  you will need it most. Also, this narrower edge around the top and bottom make the pad easier to adjust and wear. It enhances the super contoured shape, helping it to wrap closely around your body. The belly pad surface measures 66cm across the front from the edge of 1 strap to the other. 


Train like a champion

The screen printing on the front of this belly pad makes it clear as to why Fairtex gave it the nickname “The Championship Belt”. Circle targets on either side of the belt use dense padding that feels a bit harder than the rest of the belt. These spots give a great “crack” on impact. They’re perfect for training realistic combinations with body shots. 

While the BPV2 pad is  lightweight enough to suit a range of training needs, including kids and fitness classes, its protection is adequate for training professional fighters. It’s slim, sleek design makes it more realistic for training than some of the bulkier options on the market. 


Made of genuine leather

The Fairtex BPV2 comes in 4 color options – black, white, red, or blue – all using genuine leather. While it is available in one size only, the adjustable velcro straps allow it to easily accommodate a variety of different trainers. The super strong, velcro straps are reinforced to the belly pad with double stitching and two metal rivets on each side. 

Straps on each style of Fairtex belly pads are the exact same shape, size, and length. So, this pad will fit the trainer the exact same as the BPV1 and BPV3 models. 


Fairtex attention to detail

Fairtex always makes sure to finish their products with perfection. This belly pad is no exception. The nylon piping along the edge makes sure the edges are expertly finished with no loose threads. 

The back of the belly pad (that faces the trainer’s body) uses a durable black, polyester fabric. This is neatly bonded to the edge of the padding so that the surface is completely smooth. This ensures a comfortable fit and keeps the material from snagging or tearing with hardcore use. 


There are a lot of Muay Thai belly pads available in the market. But not all of them are ergonomic and provide maximum protection. The Fairtex BPV2 Belly Pad is perfect for those who are looking for a durable and lightweight design. In comparison to the Fairtex Standard Leather Belly Pad, the BPV2 is lighter weight and uses a darker color lining (less likely to discolor with use). It offers great protection without compromising on comfort, with four colors to choose from. 


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