Fairtex BPV1 Belly Pad – Perfect for Professional Nak Muays

The Fairtex Belly Pad BPV1 was first released in 2010 and was the first version of Fairtex’s belly pads. The design uses several layers of durable, dense padding to provide effective protection against hard strikes.

Heavy Duty Materials 

The front side of the pad and the straps use only genuine leather. Not only does this give it a more authentic look and feel, the leather is highly durable and is built to take a beating. There are 2 circular targets on either side, each screen printed with a Fairtex logo. These targets are firm with dense padding and give a good ‘crack’ sound on impact.

The inside surface of the pad rests against the trainer’s body. It uses an extra-durable canvas material that effectively repels moisture. The beige color material is bonded to the padding so it provides a seamless surface with no rough edges. It does provide some traction which helps to prevent the belly pad from sliding during a sweaty round of pad work.

This is the heaviest belly pad that Fairtex currently has on the market. It’s a great choice for strong Muay Thai trainers and is suitable for professional use. It’s sure to stand up to heavy blows from some of the toughest Nak Muays.

Standard Fairtex Aesthetic

The striking surface of the Fairtex BPV1 Belly Pad features a three-panel design. The side panels are black leather with circular targets that match the color of the center panel. The center panel can be white, red, or blue. It is screen-printed with Fairtex’s signature double ‘F’ pattern across the center. A durable patch brand logo measuring 10cm by 6.5cm is hand-stitched just above this. 

Adjustable velcro waist straps attach at either side of the belly pad. Double stitching and two metal rivets reinforce the triangular leather overlap. Screen-printed on back the outermost strap is another Fairtex logo. Also, there is a circular stamp that reads “Handmade in Thailand, Genuine Leather”.

Designed With Function in Mind

The shape of this belly pad is designed to provide maximum comfort for the trainer. The contoured shape allows for a snug fit against the body. A rounded top surface of the pad protects the trainers upper abdomen from devastating shots. The bottom side of the belt is flatter, which allows the trainer maximum hip movement. They can check and counter kicks without obstacle. All edges of the belt are nice and smooth. A nylon trim us used to minimize rubbing and irritation on the trainer. This also preserves the seams of the belt, contributing to it’s durability. 

How Does the Fairtex Standard Belly Pad Measure Up?

The Fairtex Standard Belly Pad measures 66cm across the front of the pad, measured from the seam of one velcro strap to the other. The middle (color) pannel of leather measures 22cm wide. The tallest part of the belly pad is at the very middle. It measures 32cm from top to bottom at this point. The edges then tapper to meet the straps at either side. The point where the velcro straps attach to the pad measure 14cm on either side. The straps tapper slightly more towards their end to provide a secure yet comfortable fit for the trainer. 

The Fairtex Belly Pad BPV1 is a good choice for people who are looking for a durable and heavy duty design. It uses genuine leather and dense padding. It’s another quality product from Fairtex, handcrafted and intended for use for years to come. 

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