Fairtex Boxing Sticks & Fairtex Boxing Paddles Review : How do they measure up?

How does the new Fairtex gear measure up? Read our detailed Fairtex Boxing Sticks and Fairtex Boxing Paddles Review below!

Sticks and paddles are commonly used for boxing training; the Fairtex brand is now bringing this equipment to the Muay Thai market. Not a kick pad or focus mitt, these are unique tools. A pair of Fairtex Boxing Sticks or Fairtex Boxing Paddles is sure to make a perfect addition to your training arsenal.

Fairtex Boxing Paddles Review BXP1

Sticks and Paddles are perfect for training speed, accuracy, evasion and blocking. Use them for drills to develop your athlete’s hand eye coordination and reaction time. Both styles offer a long handle, which is a nice change from the grip required to hold a traditional kick pad handle or the open palm required for focus mitts.

Trainers take repetitive impact from their fighters. While this is the name of the game, it is important to avoid injury caused by overuse whenever possible. The handles used for Fairtex’s Boxing Sticks and Boxing Paddles, give your joints a break. Their light weight and unique grip effectively minimizes the impact felt in your hand, wrist, and shoulder joints. The paddles allow for a wide variety of strikes and combinations; you can train jabs, cross, upper cuts, hooks, elbows, kick, blocks, evasion, counters, and more.

Fairtex has taken features from top boxing brands to make their own versions of the paddles and sticks. It’s our opinion that the Fairtex Boxing Sticks (BXS1) are most similar in construction and performance to Winning CM25 Boxing Sticks; the Fairtex Boxing Paddles (BXP1) are similar Winning CM15 Boxing Paddles.

Details for Fairtex Boxing Sticks:

Fairtex Boxing Sticks measure 48cm in length and 4.5cm in diameter. The pair weighs approximately 280 grams. They are the same diameter for the entire length. High density foam padding covers a durable, lightweight core. Three centimeters of just padding at the top of the stick provide additional safety for your athlete. Compared to the paddles, these sticks use a softer foam. The wrist strap at the bottom of the stick provides additional safety to both you and your fighter. The strap is a total of 30 cm in length and is double stitched for maximum durability. It is more than long enough to comfortably fit any wrist size during dynamic movement.

Details for Fairtex Boxing Paddles:

Fairtex Boxing Paddles measure 36cm in length, a pair weight about 550 grams. The paddle target is 20×20 cm, with a 16cm handle. Constructed in a similar style to the boxing sticks, these also feature a lightweight core and high density foam padding. In comparison to the softer sticks, Fairtex Boxing Paddles offer a sturdier surface to connect. All edges are smooth and double stitched. There is one large seam per paddle that is finished with piping to prevent fraying. The seam is then laced with a soft cord to make sure it lays flat. The cord extends down the handle and will provide you with additional grip. The wrist strap on these paddles is thicker than the cord used for the sticks, but it measures the same length. Fairtex uses a heavy duty woven nylon for the 30 cm strap.

Both the Fairtex Boxing Sticks and Fairtex Boxing Paddles come in 3 colors, Red, Black, or Blue. Each pair comes with a nylon draw string bag for easy transport and storage.

Easy on the joints and extremely lightweight, Fairtex Boxing Sticks and Paddles will allow you to drill combo after combo; your fighter will fatigue long before you do! Grab a pair today from Nak Muay Wholesale.

Already have a pair of Fairtex Boxing Sticks? Let us know how you would review the Fairtex Boxing Paddles in the comments below.

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