Fairtex Boxing Glove Review – Painter Design

You’re here for a review of the Fairtex Painter Boxing Gloves. This in-depth article will give you an up close look at the Painter design and aesthetic, as well as the Fairtex BGV14 model.

Fairtex Painter Design & Aesthetic

There’s something special about the Fairtex Painter Boxing Gloves. Each pair is hand painted with the only direction of following a “paint splatter” design. The colors, even the amount of paint used, depends on the mood of the painter that day. The creations come alive on either a white or black canvas; and the results are awesome – every, single pair is a unique piece of art and no two are the same.

Paint splatter design is on the back of the glove and along the cuff. Both the white and black versions of these gloves use black piping for trim around the wrist and velcro strap. The oz size is specified on the inside of the glove cuff, right beside the Fairtex Syntek leather stamp. “Fairtex” is written in black on the back of the white color gloves, and white on the black gloves.

If unique aesthetics are your thing, Fairtex Painter gloves are a perfect choice for you. No one else will have the exact same style. The rainbow of colors used make these easy to match with any of your existing training gear, or you can always pick up a new pair of shorts and shins to complete a new look.

Fairtex BGV14 Glove Model:

Fairtex BGV14’s are Mexican style boxing gloves with a longer cuff than traditional Muay Thai Style gloves. By comparison to Fairtex BGV1 (a Muay Thai style glove with a compact, almost square, glove compartment), the hand compartment on the BGV14’s are more rectangular. This shape lends itself nicely to the extended cuff design. So, the Fairtex Painter gloves are a great choice if you are looking for added wrist protection or have had previous wrist injuries while training.

Fairtex’s triple layer foam padding is focused along the knuckles of these gloves. While there is also padding on the back of the hand and on the cuff, the BGV14 model has significantly less girth in these two areas when compared to a BGV1 glove of the same size. Even though the padding of the BGV14’s is less compact, it still offers soft pillowy protection along the knuckles.

There is also padding along the oval shape opening on the palm of these gloves. J shape padding noticeable from the wrist along the opening on the palm. There is additional padding on the thumb side of the opening. Padding along all sides of the opening provides ample protection for catching kicks and parrying away strikes

A soft grip bar makes it effortless to form a fist in these gloves. The flexibility allows you to keep the hand movement necessary for catching kicks and clinching. The semi attached thumb was also preserves gripping. The partial attachment serves as a safety feature, by protecting your sparring partner from potential eye injury and yourself from thumb injury during training. But, since it is not completely attached, it still keeps some movement and allows a firm grasp.

The fabric is nice and tight along the seams of these gloves. Of course, they are finished to Fairtex’s expert production standards.

In overall review, the Fairtex Painter gloves offer a great design, pillowy soft padding and extra wrist protection.

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