Fairtex BGV9 : Mexican Style Boxing Gloves for Muay Thai Fighters

Fairtex BGV9 review Mexican Style Boxing Gloves for Muay Thai Fighters

Fairtex advertises their BGV9 Boxing Gloves as Mexican style gloves that are suitable for heavy hitters. But what does that even mean?  Mainly, these gloves have more, high density padding to take the impact of heavy blows. Mexican style gloves usually mean a more fitted hand compartment with a longer cuff. If you’re thinking that this style of  glove is typically useful for the boxing crowd, you’re correct!. So, why has a Muay Thai brand like Fairtex taken on this style of glove? Do Muay Thai fighters use Mexican style boxing gloves for training? Yes, and there are several reasons why. The dense padding, compact glove compartment, thumb protection, and of course Fairtex’s expert quality all come into play. Read this complete review where we discuss all the reasons why Fairtex BGV9 gloves are becoming a popular choice among Nak Muays.

Professional Level Padding

These gloves use two layers of  high density latex foam padding. While the padding is focussed across the knuckles, the weight of the glove is evenly distributed from cuff to head of gloves. Comparing these to gloves that do not balance the weight of the padding throughout the rest of the hand, Fairtex BGV9’s will give you more control. The equal distribution of weight keeps you in better alignment for training explosive power shots. Good alignment means better technique, better technique means less chance of injury.

The BGV9’s provide great protection to your hands for bag and pad work. A 16oz pair is ideal for sparring, with enough padding and cushion to protect your training partner while perfecting your punch. 

There is also padding along the palm – all the way from the wrist to the head of the glove. Stitching guides it outwards towards the pinky. Together with a firm grip bar, this padding offers full hand support. 

Expertly Engineered Glove Compartment

The compact glove compartment is another reason why Muay Thai fighters chose Mexican style boxing gloves. The Fairtex BGV9’s go one step further to secure your hands with a small piece of canvas secured just over the palm. This fabric is not stretchy. It serves to reinforce the glove and keeps it from opening closer towards the hand compartment. The rigidness of this material helps maintain a firm fitting hand compartment as you break in the rest of the glove.

Why not just close the entire palm of the BGV9 glove?  This feature allows the glove to still open wide when the velcro is open. Because of this, these Mexican style gloves  can accommodate larger hands, wider hands, and wrapped hands. Also, the rest of the glove is genuine leather and will stretch with use; the canvas material does not. Lastly, ventilation! A large opening allows your gloves to easily air out between uses. This is necessary for minimizing bacteria growth. It also helps extend the life of your gloves. 

Serious Thumb Protection

If you’ve landed one bad shot, you know that proper thumb protection can be key in preventing injuries. Fairtex has carefully engineered the placement and structure of the thumb compartment on these to protect heavy hitters. The thumb is semi attached, meaning that there is open space between the thumb and index knuckle. Fairtex uses this space to round out the shape of the thumb compartment. This shape allows a bit more space at the top of the compartment, again making these gloves suitable for athletes with longer fingers and bigger hands. In addition to extra space, the semi attached thumb also allows a bit of extra padding inside both the thumb and main hand compartments. The two compartments are joined with a piece of durable, reinforced leather. Stitching along the inside of the thumb contours it and provides further reinforcement at the attachment point. There are 5 air holes on the thumb compartment alone (none needed on the palm of the glove due to the large glove opening). 

Fairtex Quality

As if the reasons above weren’t enough to convince you of these Mexican style gloves, there’s always Fairtex’s fantastic craftsmanship to consider. The BGV9’s use genuine leather and are available in a variety of 2 tone colors. In alignment with the rest of their gear, these gloves make use of Fairtex’s expert stitching and quality control – there’s no loose threads or sloppy branding. The water repellent liner and strong velcro closure are both durable and made of quality material. Fairtex’s slogan is “engineered for top performance” and these gloves are no exception.

While Mexican Style Boxing Gloves aren’t ideal for clinch training, Muay Thai athletes prefer the additional comfort and protection this style provides while perfecting their punch. Interested in grabbing a pair to add to your training arsenal? You can grab a new pair of Fairtex BGV9’s with competitive pricing from Nak Muay Wholesale today. Click here to head directly to the product page!

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