Fairtex BGV6 Review : Why is the velcro angled?

Fairtex BGV6 Sparring Gloves ReviewFairtex BGV6 Review

Why is the Velcro closure on Fairtex’s BGV6 sparring gloves angled?

It’s one of the most asked questions about this style of glove and aesthetics aside, the angular strap makes it less likely for you to scratch your opponent during sparring. The Velcro is as far away from the knuckles as possible while still keeping a full length closure to provide secure fit. Read our full Fairtex BGV6 review for more answers


What else makes these gloves ideal for sparring?

Glad you asked! Fairtex designed these gloves to specifically meet your sparring needs. The cuff of this BGV6 model is longer than the Fairtex BGV1 model. While it is a bit longer than the traditional Muay Thai cuff, it is not quite as long as those on a western style boxing glove. This means you maintain some of the flexibility needed to clinch and throw elbows, while giving you some more wrist support during training. The palm side of the glove has additional padding (about 1.5inches thick) that extends to the cuff. This gives you more protection when blocking and catching kicks.

Another main feature that makes the Fairtex BGV6 a true sparring glove is the thumb design. Similar to most sparring gloves, the thumb is fully attached to the hand compartment. This standard feature prevents potential injury to your opponents face (eye!) and your thumb from strain. The BGV6 model takes this protection one step further. With a pronounced thumb curve and padded knuckle design, your thumb fully protected.

All in all, they are great for sparring. But how do they fit & feel?

Fairtex’s BGV6 has a medium sized hand compartment. Without hand wraps, they give a comfortable broken in feeling. They offer enough wrist padding for protection without feeling bulky on your hands. The glove design keeps your wrist, hand, fingers & thumb in a neutral position. If you favor a super tight fit, there is room to add wraps and break them in just the way you like.

The finger and thumb compartment are longer than the traditional BGV1 model (and also when compared to the Fairtex BGV9 Heavy Hitter model). This gives lots of room to make a comfortable fist around Fairtex’s signature grip bar.

There are multiple layers of padding across the knuckles. This is latex foam and its super soft. The soft padding makes these gloves great for fighters that want a realistic feel while striking. If you are using these gloves for sparring, be kind to your partner’s face and get a 16oz pair. The realistic feel gives a great crack on the pads or heavy bag. If you’re a super heavy hitter or have a previous knuckle injury, you may need a different style of glove (we suggest the Fairtex BGV9 Mexican Style Training Glove).

An important thing to note is that the Fairtex BGV6 gloves DO NOT have any ventilation holes across the palm or thumb. The glove is lined with a durable polyester-nylon fabric that will dry quickly, but you are going to want to air them out between sparring sessions!

How does the quality compare?

The BGV6 gloves are in line with Fairtex’s high standard of quality and production. Fairtex pays obvious attention to their glove construction, inside and out.

Fairtex angular sparring gloves are handmade in Thailand, using high quality Thai leather. The leather is soft and supple, flexible with a nice shine and finish. The angular strap is completely attached inside the glove using strong leather and high quality stitching. The padding is tightly packed across the palm of the glove. Across the knuckles, the foam padding is well bonded to the leather. The stitching is neatly done. All in all, these gloves are top of the line for quality.


The Fairtex BGV6’s unique design makes them perfect for light sparring, pad or bag work. They offer wrist and thumb protection while keeping some flexibility necessary for Muay Thai training.

If you are looking to buy a pair, we sell them in 10 to 16oz, in a variety of colors.

Already have a pair of Fairtex BGV6 to review? Let us know what size and your favorite way to use them!!

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